Splinter Cell: Conviction freezing issue now resolved

The Lost Gamer writes:

The highly anticipated launch of Splinter Cell: Conviction across North America was initially hampered by a bug that was reportedly causing the game to freeze during the second level of the story campaign by fans. The good news however, is that Microsoft have now confirmed that the issue is fixed.

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darthv723169d ago

a bug and a fix all before i got my copy unwrapped. Amazing how fast things are these days.

Raf1k13169d ago

If only every issue was fixed this quick.

LEGENDARY PELON3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Sucks that ps3 fangirls!

No patches nor updates needed, Microsoft does it all for us! Unlike your ps3 games get like 20+ patches in the first week of release!

Its sad really!

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aviator1893169d ago

Just heard about it and it was fixed. Pretty fast.

Seedhouse3169d ago

Yeah, speedy efforts =D

codehorizon3169d ago

i guess SC:C has sold well enough so far to warrant Ubisoft to get some good speed to issue a patch that fast!

Bathyj3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Or maybe their just doing their job.

I like the game too, but no need to suger coat it.

I just dont like the mentality of people acting like they are doing us a favour when its expected and the least they can do. Plus, its likey a M$ problem, not an Ubi one. I guess we might find out more soon.

But yes, its good it all happened so quick, I dont even get the game til tomorrow.

How can they fix something like this without a patch?
Is it some sort of stealth system update?
Very fitting, given the game, if so.
One more sleep.

va_bank3169d ago

That just means that the problem was on server side, not in the game. Either on XBL or whatever UBISoft uses on their end.

MGRogue20173169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

The freezing had something to do with the game's connectivity to the internet.. I think. :)

There is no way Ubisoft can fix a problem within the game without releasing an update of some sort.

The issue was probably the game having problems uploading your game stats to SC: Conviction's website or something.. & they've now fixed it.

xaviertooth3169d ago

why whenever i read the word "stats" halo wars always comes up in my mind? its weird.

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The story is too old to be commented.