DualShockers: Mass Effect 2 ~ Kasumi's Stolen Memories Review

DualShockers writes: "I enjoyed Mass Effect 2 quite a lot playing through it for my review. I would probably go so far as to say it is probably one of my favorite games this generation. Yes, I know it isn't a JRPG, what's your point? I've been quite impressed with the rollout of little bits and pieces of free content for the game from Bioware, even so much as free missions. But, when it comes to paid DLC, this new character and mission is where it is at, since it is a first for Mass Effect 2. Is it worth the $7 price tag? How does it integrate into the game overall?"

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Hitman07693141d ago

I see that this game is still worth buying even with the massive slew of RPGs that have come since. Another chapter, another reason for me to buy it soon!

Hitman07693141d ago

Looks great, I can't wait to play this!

Chadness3141d ago

I'd be more than happy to pop my ME2 disc back in my 360 if they come out with more content like this. ;)

IG_DARKSA1NT3141d ago

ME2 is a great story and taking it a step further with DLC is a win for everyone!