Gaming Goons Episode #13 - You Know I Can't Play Without My Guitar Strang....

Gaming Goons Episode #13 is a bi-weekly video show/ podcast that debates about some of the most relevant current gaming news between a group of gamers that share different views on all things gaming.

What We've Been Playing
How Long Should Gaming Goons Be? (Leave Your Comments)
Portal 2 Coming To PS3 After All?
PSN Store Updates Changing To Wednesday In May
Uncharted 2 "Not Genre Defining" Says David Cox
Alan Wake Trailer Looks Very Promising Link....
Gears Of War 3 Coming April 2011
Red Dead Redemption Looking Like A Classic?
Blu Ray Cashing In Big Time For Sony
Where Are The Console MMO's?
Kojima Says Consoles Are Dying. Is He Going Crazy, Or Does He Have A Point?
PS3 Firmware 3.21 Fiasco Discussion

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DigitalGU3166d ago

Pin point blank. L4D2 is really good. But I still don't care about their games.

BrothaDave3166d ago

as long as they bring the quality, their games are welcome everywhere imo