Halo 3 Armour Permutations Revealed?

Woah. Are these the four new armour permutations unlockable through Halo 3's single player campaign for use in multiplayer, or simply fan-made renders?

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omansteveo3581d ago

Im saying these are fake but wo knows

Hayabusa 1173581d ago

The first too are basically the one's we've already seen. the third is seen on Halo 3 screensaver (check the 777 media article: the same pic is also on the front of OXM UK). The last one, I don't know...looks across between a Killzone soldier and a stormtrooper. Doesn't look very Halo-ish.

ericbs3581d ago

Isn't that the regular helmet? And that last one does resemble a killzone/stormtrooper cross as Hayabusa said.

Rhezin3581d ago

still will look awesome in halo 3 graphics, I mean look at the others.

the worst3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

dont 4get the halo lunch box now
only 39.99 lol

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