GameZone: N3II: Ninety-Nine Nights Preview

GameZone's Steven Hopper writes,

"The game offers copious amounts of action, requiring the player to take on hundreds, if not thousands, of enemies at one time, slicing through them like a hot knife through butter. The game's action unfolds at a blistering pace, with hordes of enemies being launched into the air as your character pulls off basic combos. The lighting effects are bright and flashy, a la Bayonetta, making it tough to tell what's going on at times, but in a visceral sort of way."

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Nakerman3171d ago

I seriously had no idea this was coming out. I was intrigued by the first game but never got round to playing it.

Caspel3171d ago

Microsoft must've had a reason for dropping it from their publishing slate.

StuartY3171d ago

"tough to tell what’s going on at times" - couldn't agree more. Those screenshots make it look like all chaos, all the time. Worried that might hinder gameplay, and not hold enough fireworks back for the main set-pieces.

athmaus3171d ago

never got to play teh first game..might check th is out

green3171d ago

The demo for the first one is on the marketplace but this one seems to be moving in a better dirrection than the 1st.

kimvidard3171d ago

it's hard to take seriously a game which calls itself N32

AlexC3171d ago

Haha I was thinking the same thing

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