GameZone: Splinter Cell: Conviction Review

What it all boils down to is that Splinter Cell: Conviction appeals to a whole new crowd that grew up on creating distractions, using every single gadget in their inventory and dragging bodies into shadows. If Conviction is evidence of where Ubisoft is taking the series, they are about to win over a lot of new fans and potentially upset a portion of those already loyal.

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FangBlade3139d ago

Wow 88 on metacritic and dropping.
Decent AA title I guess.

Caspel3139d ago

I truly believe it's going to be a title that has mixed reception after the early high scores from IGN and the like are fanned out.

athmaus3139d ago

yeah i know mixed results are very intserting to see how game does in retal

Hill_billy3139d ago

How a game does in retail however does not mean it is good or bad, it just means it sells well or not. In the end, this will be a good game for those who like the series. If it sells well or not, it is going to be fun for those who want to get back into Sam's shoes and beat the crap out of some bad guys.

Jinxstar3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

I just watched the GT review and this game has some SERIOUS screen tearing. Anyone know if this is specific to PC or 360 or is it on both.... Kinda a big turn off for me. Was thinkin about gettin it on PC when priced drops but now maybe not...

Hands Up For Games3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

I cant believe (well I can) some of the things you say on this board, you are the definition of what a Fanboy is and a horrible Troll to boot.

By your logic Heavy Rain, Yakuza 3, MAG and WKC are decent AA tiles, funny thing is, I really enjoyed Yakuza 3 and Heavy Rain, did you?

The fact that you have so many Bubbles tells us everything that is wrong with this site. Backslapping and one upmanship on both sides of this 'Fanboy War' is pathetic and juvenile, very fitting for the people who take part in it though.

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Nakerman3139d ago

Another decent score. Count me in.

barefootgamer3139d ago

I might check it out. I'm on the fence.

StuartY3139d ago

I just want to know how Sam Fisher stays hidden wearing 3 super-bright green LEDs on his face...

Fishy Fingers3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Ha, yeah that's always cracked me up, but in reality it was so in the older games when you were in pitch black the player could see what their doing.

Then it just became iconic in the design.

BeaArthur3139d ago

haha, yeah it's one of those things you just except about the game world. He's dressed in all black yet has these florescent lights on his head that nobody can seem to see.

Caspel3139d ago

LMAO. He doesn't don those goggles until late in this game now.

cmrbe3139d ago

Those 3 green lights are iconic for SC. The same with KZ helgast 2 orange lights.

Caspel3139d ago

I prefer the green lights rather than the orange.

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athmaus3139d ago

cant wait to try it out :)

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The story is too old to be commented.