GameZone: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Preview

GameZone's Steven Hopper writes,

"The game's controls took some getting used to, due to a manual aiming. Combat is similar toMetal Gear Solid 3, as the game utilizes the same type of CQC system as its predecessor. The face buttons also help by controlling the camera, freeing up the D-Pad for aiming and dedicating the analog nub to movement. Generally, the controls are comparable to those in Portable Ops, and pushing forward slowly to walk and quicker to run is a nice touch that helps to make up for the PSP's analog nub shortcomings."

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morganfell3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

"The game's controls took some getting used to, due to a manual aiming..."

Did they miss the fact you can kick on auto aim at the touch of a button?

@Caspel: Agreed.

StuartY3165d ago

Very impressive what the PSP can do graphically.

kimvidard3165d ago

MGS 3 was my favorite, so more big boss is always good.

nnotdead3165d ago

looks good. may need to pick up a PSP again. maybe a bundle will come out.

infamousinfolite3165d ago

Yea I believe there are three bundles and a collector's edition coming out.

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