TERA will 'hack off bloody big hunk of MMO market'

New 'action MMO' TERA will "hack off a bloody big hunk of the MMO market", reckons ex-Blizzard veteran Patrick Wyatt.

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Darkfiber3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

I somehow doubt that. It'll get 500000 subscribers first month, then they'll all go back to WoW and it'll keep maybe 10000-20000 for the first year, then taper off after that, just like every other MMO.

CLOUD19833137d ago

wtf r u saying.. Aion is out for over a year in Korea and for about 8 months in EU/US and the active accounts is close to 4 millions also the pre-orders for EU/US was over 500.000 so u r not only wrong u r ignorant as well..

I hate stupid WoW fanboys.. why cant you stfu and keep playing with your playmobils really..

btw Tera is going to rock and will steal ppl from both WoW & Aion for sure w8 and see agree 100% with Patrick Wyatt.

midgard2273137d ago

dont listen to him, wow fanboys r just so blind because they have wasted their life, and believe they shud continue wasting it even if its not fun anymore.

i mean the litch king came out a year ago and u still cant fight him. u guys r fools for falling for blizzards crap, graphics suk, gameplay suks, all it has is content, but damn the same old moves and characters have to get boring after 6 years.

I dont see tera having a prob that most mmo's have this day and age with bots since its all manual attacking, the game is gorgeous and its only draw back is that its to gorgeous and demanding for some peoples pc's

Panthers3137d ago


You have been able to down the Lichking for a good while now. Just lettin ya know

I dont know anything about TERA, but I think that Star Wars TOR will be way more successful than a lot of other MMOs. Certainly more successful than OP is suggesting.

Anon73493137d ago

More likely some really big console scrub that doesn't know anything about PC gaming. I'm not hating on console, heck I'm playing PS3 quiet a bit lately.

TERA online and Blade&Soul are the only 2 MMOs that have caught my eye recently. They look both amazing and they actually have fun gameplay.

While that new star wars MMO just looks like a WoW-ish clone with jedi and that DC universe MMO just doesn't seem to be my kind of thing.

Myze3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

There is only one announce MMO that has any chance of stealing a large chunk of WoW's audience, and that's The Old Republic. It looks like it's gonna be fairly casual (at least on the surface), fully voiced (which a lot of people will like), will get a ton of hype when it gets closer to release, developed by a very well respected group and looks different enough to pull in new people yet similar enough to pull in people from other MMOs.

FFXIV will get a bunch of people, but it will mostly be people from FFXI. It will have a large number of initial subscriptions, but if it's anything like FFXI it won't keep them. I think they are trying to go a more casual route, while still having hardcore content. That will help keep more people around, because XI was way too hardcore (at least in terms of amount of time required to do anything) for most people. However, even if it don't do 10million subs, FFXI showed that it can retain a pretty significant user-base for a long period of time, and I expect FFXIV, if it's good, to do even better, and may be able to hold on to a 2-3 mil sub base for a long time.

Aion may have a large subscription base, but a large majority of it is form Korea, which is not encroaching on WoW's numbers. Also, the game lost a large number for NA subs after the first month or two. After people got to around lvl30+, I noticed a LOT of people quit playing, because the game got exceedingly boring to level. Korean MMOs are all about the grind, which caters to the Korean MMO'er (is that a word?), like Lineage 2. Great looking game though, and if they had added about 5x as many quests in the last 15 levels or so, the game would have been great (although end game content isn't anything great either, since keep sieges become very repetitive, even with tons of pvp going on...maybe it was because I went on so many of them for about a month in the highest ranked guild on the server...never had time to just level really, and many of our sieges, at least the early ones, were done when we were all under-level, so it took the whole 2 hours (think it was 2...been a while now)).

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ExPresident3137d ago

I'm looking forward to TERA and seeing how it unfolds. Best of luck to them.

Chris3993137d ago

The media for the game looks brilliant, and it has a great (consolesque) feel to the controls and game-play.

It's been getting really strong previews lately too.

I will be picking it up for sure if the beta is fun.

LiquifiedArt3137d ago

and sold to the highest bidder in korea. No thank. Keep your shady practices to yourself.

midgard2273137d ago

they are the ones who created it, they just took it with them and used it.

aslong as the game is fun it shouldnt matter, are u gonna hate burger king for making hamburgers like mcdonalds? no then just enjoy it and stfu

mirroredderorrim3137d ago

Ever heard of morals? Some people don't do certain things because of moral code.

We're the type of people who LIKE to hurt companies with our money by not contributing. While I agree, with you to some extent, he has a right to his opinion on this site, without needing to be slammed for it.

Lionsguard3137d ago

waiting for Tera myself it looks amazing.

JeepGamer3137d ago

Just like Age of Conan.. No wait, Warhammer... No wait... Aion...! No wait...!

Those girls need to put on some clothes.

Enigma_20993136d ago

... a female... in FULL BODY ARMOR...

... what were they smoking?!?!?[/sarcasm]

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