West, Zampella Planning Something 'New And Fresh'

Vince Zampella and Jason West have said their first project under Respawn Entertainment will be "new and fresh"

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Rikitatsu3144d ago

What did these guys do besides the CoD franchise?
Did they prove themselves in other IPs? if not, then I can't see how everyone is excited.

It's sad to see legendary developers like Shinji Mikami get ignored, and People like Cliff B and Jaffe gets all the attention (Despite the extremely inferior track record)

Makes you question when some people started gaming.

Gandalf3144d ago

Medal of Honor. (The good one)

mjolliffe3144d ago

In some ways, they did create a new IP in Modern Warfare, and they did it in style, as COD4 (not Modern Warfare 2) blew the majority of gamers that played it away...

If they can do what they did for multiplayer to another genre with the help of others, then there's every reason for us to be excited, I feel :)

tdrules3144d ago

Japanese developers catering to a small amount of people don't get as much recognition as the ones who produce games for the general audience.

Even Shinji realised this and is now making a generic Western game, pretty ironic

sikbeta3144d ago


First, this is The Shooter Gen, so Deal With it at least until the Genre get Boring or Some other Genre Become Mainstream and everything repeat itself

Second, Shinji Mikami screwed himself Last Gen when Capcom made the Capcom-5 deal with N, the guy was whining cuz of "da Powar of da PS Consoles" and know where is he? Out of Capcom with a Dev Team that got screwed by Bad decisions and they can't handle a Port of their own Game...

He didn't create the Survival Horror Genre, he made the Genre Popular but then his Games started to feel odd and Repetitive, but he got the Credit For Making an Awesome RE4

Now, he goes after Shooters with that New Game, cuz as I said, this is the Shooter Gen, influenced on Crysis, he probably do Great Stuff, who knows

I don't know much about C.B. more than Gears of War, but D.Jaffe wanted to be a Film Director and then he opted for being a Game Designer., Director of Twisted Metal: Black, [the Best of The series] and God of War, the guy knows what he do, so don't try dismiss his talent, peace out.


'New And Fresh'?

[Duty of Honor]

yog-sothot3144d ago

Mikami is not ignored, the game critics know and respect him, but he is the one who doesn't like the press or publi relations (he did not make any interview before Vanguard for several years)

AAACE53144d ago

The one thing that gets overlooked with game creators like them and others like Itagaki, Miyamoto, Jaffe, etc. is their ambitions for being creative and push to do what others won't try to do! No matter how you feel about them, they help push the industry forward in some way or another!

For example, alot of people hate Itagaki because of his arrogance and the way he basically calls out other developers for not trying hard enough. The flipside of that is that those developers who accept the challenge come up with games like DMC 4, GoW 3, Tekken 6, etc.

These people help the industry grow. And as much as I dislike Peter Moleyneux... he helps push forward as well!

Megaton3144d ago

I much prefer the days when Rikitatsu spends his time worshiping his Hideki Kamiya shrine in private, instead of spreading the gospel of his man crush/obsession online.

Solidus187-SCMilk3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

That game blew me away back in the day. It had no blood I think so I got the blood patch.

Also- Their new game should be Call to Duty: Future Warefare

Hill_billy3144d ago

Sorry, but when you are the leads in THE biggest online franchise ever, you have every right to be considered one of the best. I consider Bungie to be great and they hang their hat on a single franchise so it's no surprise that these guys can do the same.

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GCO Gamer3144d ago

We would have never heard that if they were still at Activision.

gameseveryday3144d ago

what games are Respawn Entertainment responsible for?

mjolliffe3144d ago


If you read, they were formed in the last two days and are headed by the guys who were sacked from Infinity Ward...

They haven't made anything...

Megaton3144d ago

Don't you run a gaming blog that gets submitted here often, Rashid? If so, you're doing it wrong. Pay attention to the industry you write about.

scruffy_bear3144d ago

Can't wait to see what they got in the works

SupeerSteebbi3144d ago

They made MW2 amazing!(Story Mode) The multiplayer is just... soooo bad.

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