Ubisoft Felt Splinter Cell Was Too Hardcore

Ubisoft Montreal's Max Beland has told Edge that his primary goal as creative director on Splinter Cell: Conviction was to make the series more accessible.

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mirroredderorrim3140d ago

Basically what die-hards are complaining about. More of trying to appeal to the masses, at the expense of the core experience.

chak_3140d ago

you bunch of retards ubisoft.

splinter was perfect for the first 3 installement, I'd sell my grandmother for pandora tommorow with that engine :'(

you really have it all wrong ubisoft, and I know you will prove me wrong by selling trucks & trucks of this new splinter, which makes me even more sad :'(

good 'ol days as we say

dangert123140d ago

I'm really starting to hate 'casual gamers'
i started gaming on the snes do you think they simplfied games and noobed them down for me no!
if you wanted to do it you'd learn how to do it properly.
now there ruingin games for us in order 2 get casuals KMT