GTA IV Update Released

Rockstar has released a new performance enhancing update for Grand Theft Auto IV, now available for download.

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washingmachine3138d ago

no console update? lol,as if

Chris_TC3138d ago

Yeah, boohoo for Rockstar trying to fix one of the worst console ports in the history of console ports.

My machine plays Crysis but not GTA IV. Good job, Rockstar. It looks half as good and runs like a55. But I won't re-install all that Rockstar Social Club and Windows Live crap just to find out that the update still gives me a choppy game.

Joe29113138d ago

I believe the update was already released for consoles, or at least i updated a few weeks ago on PS3.

Pandamobile3138d ago

All you need is a decent CPU, and the game runs fine.

A Phenom II X3 720 and 8800 will be more than enough for Crysis 2.

mikepmcc3138d ago

Man, f*ck rockstar and their "updates", the last update I had to download from them took out the parachute glitch in TBoGT, which was one of the funnest things in that game. I guess for some reason they can't see that fun=sales...

Joe29113138d ago

LOL @ PC fanboys with the disagrees, sorry that I mentioned a console :O

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BigKev453138d ago

Update? Why? This game is old. It came and passed.

ChefDejon3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

and new content for the game just came out for the pc and ps3 versions today they should drop support for it? stfu man

BYE3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Who gives a f*ck if it's old. So is ICO.

GTA4 is awesome, it's still among the games I'd recommend to people who are looking for good games to play.

jjesso19933138d ago

CHRIS_TC what specs have you got gta IV runs good on my pc i have quad core 3.7ghz 6gb ati 5750 and runs max out at about 50-60fps not that games any good the epsisodes are well better.

Sileo3138d ago

It's always good for a game to receive updates.

Just because the games "old", doesn't mean that it can't have updates anymore.

Diablo 2 received an update not long ago, you know.

PotNoodle3138d ago

GTAIV, despite being a fairly crappy port is still the best on PC - i actually own all three versions, PC, PS3 and 360 - aside from the better graphics, resolution and performance, you get fantastic modding ability.

I already played The lost and damned on 360, but i ordered the episodes of liberty city on PC - should be here with me soon..

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