Seb Downie - QA Manager - Guerrilla Games Answers More Questions On Killzone 2

Its seems Seb Downie is staying close to the Playstation community by answering several questions about Killzone info and the USAToday screenshot. Check out some of the mini-interviews.

PS3 Forums:
Raziel123 wrote:
first of all, thanks for answering our questions.
im gonna make a few more, you probably can't comment on them but i'll try anyway.
1 - will we get anything else today or only the next days?
2 - is the helghast covered in snow on that pic?
3 - where's the crosshair or whatever for aiming your gun?
4 - what's your personal opinion, comparing the 05 trailer with how the game looks right now?

"1. There will be more released as E3 gets under way.
2. No, its light.
3. Switched off for the purpose of the screenshot.
4. Wait and see for yourself as more content is release"

EdgeUK wrote:
Here we go...analysis paralysis!
Can you coment on what sort of build this pre-alpha or beta?

Will there be opportunities for improvements for things like self-shadowing and shadow aliasing etc...?
If I am going of topic/thread just bang me into the right place...

"1. Pre-pre alpha.
2. Please wait to see more content before judging it."

SoMeOnE!!! wrote:
motherh you are awesome, i've never seen someone involved with such a major IP so close to the community answering every question.

also one quick question.
How do you think the press and gaming audienc will react to killzone 2 and how it looks?

a) OMG

"d) All of the above.

"Yes that room is pretty dark to begin with. And the light source is from the muzzle-flash. It looks a lot better in movement. As for the rest, no comment at this stag"

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pwnsause3910d ago

I just read this on the official Playstation forums, it sounds like hes really certain that they pulled it off, which is awesome.

highps33910d ago

Thats pretty crazy!

Gonna wait to see more this screenshot is pretty poor and I have a hunch they released the worst first and not the best...

So hard to gauge that screenshot because its so tiny. Then people have been blowing it up which is just horrible.

Cant wait to see more!

JUSTaGAME3910d ago

THat's a nice diversion tactic...
Call the screenshot a pre-pre-alpha build screenshot to fend off any possible negative comments.
"Oh don't judge by that... it's pre-pre-alpha"

Sounds like the Bungie "Halo 3 multiplayer ***BETA***" move to me...

timmyp533910d ago

so much anticipation =)

pwnsause3910d ago

I like this one
"also one quick question.
How do you think the press and gaming audienc will react to killzone 2 and how it looks?

a) OMG

MotherH: d) All of the above."

lol right there you can tell they are hiding something big from us

kornbeaner3910d ago

The screen is Pre-Pre-alpha. I wonder what is looks like now.

At this stage (Pre-Pre-alpha)it could compete as in graphics with F.E.A.R or Stalker. and those game are some of the best I have played.

zedane333910d ago

currently the game is still in pre alpha and they got the screens just last saturday

EZCheez3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

Even people that don't want this game seem to be just as eager to hear news about it.

I'm really hoping that Sony pulls off something amazing with this game, because IMO it seems to have more hype surrounding it than Halo 3, which is a pretty hard feat.

Honestly, is there anyone that's not interested in how this game will turn out? There has got to be somebody (definitely not me).

nobizlikesnowbiz3910d ago

Honestly man, all of the hype you hear about this game is on the internet in forums and new sites like this one.

Most average consumers haven't even heard of Killzone 2.

If I were to ask any one of the people I know if they knew about Killzone 2 they would look at me like I'm dumb.

The truth is, Halo 3's hype is enormous. Every schoolgirl knows what Halo is, and is anticipating the release of Halo 3.

Not saying I don't want to see Killzone 2. I want this game to rock.

EZCheez3910d ago

I was reading your comment but as soon as I read the word schoolgirls my mind started drifting.

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The story is too old to be commented.