GameTrailers: Splinter Cell: Conviction Reveiw

With a fresh approach to predatory prowling that's bolstered by the trappings of Third Echelon, Fisher's homecoming is one to remember. Watch the official GameTrailers review of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction.

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Greywulf3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

8.9 lol.. such garbage.. just give it a 9 gametrailers so momma MS is happy.

Clark, open your eyes. The thing is 88 on metacritic. Its not AAA, and no the majority isn't giving it a 9.

Yeah Ill be watching Avatar on my bluray player, then finishing up god of war 3, mixing it up with Uncharted2's new multiplayer modes as well. The entire time my eyes will never have to drop to the subhd quality of flopbox360 titles..

Because ill be playing SCC on my PC @ max settings.

Sucks to be a 360 only owner.

clarkjudo3168d ago

Read up on all the reviews. Majority reviews give this a 9.0 or higher (Pros out ways minor Cons). Stop your complaining and trolling. Please, go back to playing your PS3 Blu Ray Player.


Pennywise3168d ago

It's an 88 average so far on metacritic, clark. Half of the scores are 80/100.

soxfan20053168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

No, actually, it sucks to be a one-bubble 360 hater & troll. So many great games already this year, & none of your BS will change that.

cyborg69713168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

Clark why don't you go back to your 480p DVD player. Yo 2007 called they want their lame xbot argument back. The ps3 has more AAA games than you fire brick.

Edit. Hey sox fan maybe you can answer me a question. Why are all Boston fans are such crying baby b!tches. Oh and your sox are gonna get swept by my twins.

StanLee3168d ago

You kids are morons. How is a 88 average after almost 30 reviews not a triple A title? Heavy Rain at 87, Bioshock 2 at 88, Battlefield Bad Company 2 at 88, are those not triple A games? I don't think you kids really know what a triple A game is. Who assign the arbitrary figure of a 90 metascore as being a triple A game?!

Pennywise3168d ago

Stanlee... I think those scores are good. 85+ should be AAA.... but thank your xbot originators for that 90+ nonsense: Mart, Jason360, Powerofgreen... All of those *******'s paved the way for this nonsense.

UnwanteDreamz3168d ago

Bioshock 2 was a steamy pile. Had to get that off my chest.

StanLee3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

If 85 is triple A, that would exclude great games like Borderlands which is a great game and a triple A title. A triple A title is a title that delivers on the expectations of the game's budget and ambitious development. If a small studio made a budget title that is respectable like a Metro 2033 with a 78 metascore, that's fine, that's the median for the industry but when a major studio, makes a game with a budget backed by a major publisher and it delivers, that's a triple A title. Borderlands has an 84 metacritic and 82 reviews. Firstly, that's ridiculous, I don't care about 82 people's opinions. If metacritic is going to be the standard for the industry, the gaming industry has the identify a select small group of publications and gaming media who's opinions are valued, not every two bit blog and website.

Pennywise3168d ago

See Stan, I have to disagree with you on Borderlands. Such an ambitious title, but it just didnt deliver FOR ME. Borderlands is equivalent to a B rated movie. It was glitchy to all hell... I hated the cheesy, lazy graphics... and the shooting felt like crap. The basis of the game is a shooter and it felt sloppy. The game froze on me many times... It could of been a AAA game, but it fell short. I have higher expectations for BL2... we will see.

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GRRiMREEAPeR3168d ago

now Gotta get back to playing the best stealth game ever! thanks, ubisoft! Kojima pay attention!

Fishy Fingers3168d ago

If nothing else I admire your dedication.

NatureOfLogic3168d ago

good score for a 5 hour game

AngryFork3168d ago

You mean not-even-close to the best action game with some poor stealth elements put in it to appease the real fans of Splinter Cell.

The game doesn't even let you drag bodies because they "didn't have enough time" in 5 years. Please this game is pathetic for anyone who really loved the first 3 Splinter Cell's.

Sick of all the great franchises being ruined because everybody wants to change things and make everything action missle jackson super fighter in your face blaow blaow BS. Next thing you know the next Silent Hill will have a cover system and you'll be able to call for air support.

mirroredderorrim3168d ago

Suit yourself. Kojima knows we like to hide bodies, though. ;-)

respawnaction3168d ago

Bubs for retard Cartman on the Silent HIll comment. haha, funniest thing I've read today.

lociefer3168d ago

i can fart better than 8.9

bioshock12213168d ago

lol look at all the disagrees you have fanboys are just hilarious. Anyways great score it has been getting many great scores getting it tomorrow.

-Alpha3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

I thought it would get AAA scores. The length seems to be average since this one says its 8-10 hours (which means 360 fanboys can stop pretending 5 hours is fine and PS3 fanboys can stop acting like its too short). I would like a solid answer on length though. 5-10 hours is too wide a margin. Is it 5 or 8? Anybody know?

If I get this game it will be because of multiplayer.

It's still getting great scores though, and on its own its a solid looking game. Too bad older fans aren't as pleased.

GRRiMREEAPeR3168d ago

that although MGS4 was really good, the storyline has always been confusing, and the gameplay has struggled to keep up with Splinter Cell. There really not in the same league IMO. MGS is a great interactive movie/gaming experience and Splinter Cell has always had the best spy gaming experience you could buy.

-Alpha3168d ago

I liked the Splinter Cell demo over the MGSIV demo, but I felt that Splinter Cell relied more on flashy moves and MGS felt a little more tactical. Only played the demos, so take it for what its worth.

I have never heard people compare these two games though, GrimReaper. Why can't they both be great? Why does one have to be distinctively superior?

BeaArthur3168d ago

Fishy Fingers...I don't admire anything about him including his dedication. He is a troll and he is probably not even playing MGS4, he just wanted to try and antagonize everyone else. Great community we have here.

WildArmed3168d ago

lol I dont think Kojima has much to learn here.
But the vice versa could be helpful for SC:C team..

never the less, picking this game up asap!
I wanna play the bloody awesome co-op already.

Rock Bottom3168d ago

Wait! Conviction is a stealth game?!

UnwanteDreamz3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

Are there reasons for your opinion or do you just like the way Sam looks in his tight pants. I can understand you feeling that MGS story lines are confusing but to try and compare this action game to a real stealth game like MGS is crazy IMO.

SSC will be the first Splinter Cell that I don't play. I have watched the trailers and lost of gameplay. The things that made the first games run neck and neck with MGS are lacking in this title. Stealth used to be the focal point in these games. SCC has changed that. As far as I'm concerned MGS and SC aren't even in the same genre anymore. Lets not compare the 2.

BTW calling your personal opinions common knowledge is ignorant and arrogant

Redempteur3168d ago

well as usual this review is plagued by spoilers ..

BeaArthur3168d ago

GRRiMREEAPeR..."the storyline has always been confusing, and the gameplay has struggled to keep up with Splinter Cell"....but I thought it was the best stealth game ever?

antt33168d ago

I'm curious about the real play-time too. Generally speaking, I take a good couple hours more than the average anyway. :-P

Though I have to say, even if the single player is only 5 hours, at least there's that co-op mode that seems to bring another 5 hours (so they say).

Co-op is one of the things I really miss from most modern games.

I'm waiting to see if Alan Wake gets good reviews. If so, I'll have to finally get a 360 for this, Alan wake, and the L4D games. My PS3 has kept me plenty busy, but you can't deny a good collection of exclusives has built up for the 360 too.

Mo0eY3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

Awww, man. It's at 88 on metacritic so it's not AAA. Maybe the next game I get on the 360 will be AAA.

raztad3168d ago

"Karma is a B!tch" Nathan Drake.

So many times I read about the "short" 8+ hours GoW3.

I just want developers stop f*ckn good games and fantastic gameplay modes. From what I watched SC:C has more in common with UNCHARTED 2 than to SC:Chaos Theory. More action, more action, less "hardcore", more streamlined==dumbed down mechanics, Dead Rising is TOO Japanese says Capcom, Dead Space is taking clues from MW says Visceral. WTF? stop it already

Official General3168d ago

I agree, brilliant post and it sure made me laugh LOl!

StanLee3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

You know, one game that's never criticized for being short is Batman: Arkham Asylum. I think I finished that game in 7 hours my first play through but I've never seen anyone criticize the game for being short. That is so weird. It's like the game get's a pass for finally delivering a solid super hero themed game. Or maybe it gets overlooked because the game wasn't savagely hype like Modern Warfare 2 or exclusive. When it's all said and done, everyone who played the game enjoyed it and didn't feel like they were cheated out of $60. So why all the arguments about a game's length? Fanboyism is really stupid.

blitz06233168d ago

"Why can't they both be great? Why does one have to be distinctively superior?"

Alpha, you of all people shouldn't ask that question.

thewhoopimen3168d ago

Mark and Execute through walls... that surely makes this game AAA /s.
That's just a hair-brained bug to not have been ironed out.

HolyOrangeCows3168d ago

Good ol' Gametrailers, forgiving problems with Xbox games that they would NEVER let go on a PS3 game.

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KING853168d ago

That is a matter of preference my friend. Many prefer MGS franchise over Splinter Cell. In my opinion I do think MGS is the better franchise and Splinter Cell is not too far behind, but why would you even bring up MGS in the first place? The review was on Splinter Cell if I am not mistaken. I think both franchises are great and both can coincide with one another. No need to make remarks as such to make your point that you like Splinter Cell.

lociefer3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

so lets stop comparing it to mgs4

thehitman3168d ago

Definetely better than that crap @ IGN. I think the animations could be better though and AI. After 1 part when they shot the 2 guys he screamed fyck me after he supposedly dead lol.

BeaArthur3168d ago

Agreed, I could tell that the AI wasn't great in the demo but that is kind of a Ubisoft staple. Assassins Creed, Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, all of these games have poor AI compared to other series'.