Level-5 Working On Five Unannounced Games, To Reveal Them This Week In Famitsu

PushSquare: "Level-5 over-ruler Akihiro Hino has Tweeted that the company are to announce five games in this week's issue of Japanese gaming bible Famitsu."

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sinncross2869d ago

I'm still waiting for real info on Cardboard Warmachine and Ushiro... what happened to these 2 titles?

But 5 titles to be shown off... coloured my very intrigued!

Barbapapa2869d ago

don't expect to much most of level-5's games are for the ds

WildArmed2869d ago

Can't wait for the reveal.

Lucreto2869d ago

Can't wait to see what they show. Dragon Quest 10 most likely on the wii but we never know.

Sevir042869d ago

they actually have a few subsidaries so i'm sure they can manage

BlackIceJoe2869d ago

I hope one of them is Dark Cloud 3. Plus I want to see Level 5 bring out True Fantasy Live Online. Mr Hino said he still wanted to bring the game out. So I will keep on wishing that will happen. I also would like to see a Dark cloud version on the PSP. What ever the games are I will enjoy them.

vhero2869d ago

True Fantasy will never see the light of day they hate MS because they screwed them over and that won't change now. MS owns partial rights to that game so they can't port it to another system so it won't be made besides who cares? We never saw enough of it to know if it was good enough anyways.

BlackIceJoe2868d ago

Well I do agree with you but Mr Hino did say he wanted to still work on the game. Maybe he was planning on buying the one rights from MS. But he could also have been talking about what Level-5 learned from that game and make it into a new MMO.

TheColbertinator2869d ago

All 5 will most likely end up on DS unfortunately.

get2sammyb2869d ago

Very true, but they have said they'd like to do more on the PS3. I wouldn't mind seeing a PSN game or something from them.

But yeah, I expect DS too.

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