Gametactics Reviews Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction

There seems to be a fracture brewing in the Splinter Cell fanbase. The hardcore thinks that Choas Theory was perfect and any deviation from those core gameplay elements are bad. The rest welcomed and thoroughly enjoyed the new additions Double Agent brought, particularly with the addition to choice and competing objectives. Conviction appears to further push the envelope with a style closer to that of Jack Bauer than the old methodical stealth action.

Veteran reviewer Jeff Markiewicz of finds out if the latest Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction blows the previous games out of the water for the Xbox 360.

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alpham22869d ago

This game so rocks, except maybe for the forced torturing (just a time filler, gets dull after a while).

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happy_gilmore2869d ago

gow3 has 20+ perfect scores

this looks like a mediocre game to me. at least, you only have to play it for 5 hours.

Yuprules2868d ago

Don't forget the other 5 hours for the co-op mission!

2869d ago