IGN: Monster Hunter Tri UK Review

"Monster Hunter still isn't a game that dispenses quick thrills. It never will be. It's a product of Japanese gaming culture in that it values and rewards hard work. But Tri is nonetheless far more accessible and appealing than its PSP counterparts – it's beautiful, absorbing, hugely satisfying to play (with a Classic Controller at least) and thankfully doesn't rely so heavily on multiplayer. In crafting a more balanced and engaging single-player experience, Capcom has ensured that many more players will be drawn into Monster Hunter's world - and once you're in, Tri shows you so much love that it's impossible not to love it back."

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LoaMcLoa3166d ago

Will get my Ultimate Hunter Pack on the 23rd :D

Cant wait!

Will also be fun to see GTs and US IGNs reviews

Myst3166d ago

*Shakes fist*

Damn you UK and Japan always getting those sweet bundles for Monster Hunter, How is it that America keeps getting shafted D: ?!

Oh well, enjoy your bundle :p

AEtherbane3166d ago

To buy this one day one! I've always like good wii games! About time we get more of them, this year will be good for the wii, i actually might play it more than the other consoles!

EvilTwin3166d ago

There are just too many good games out right now. I'd really like to buy MH:Tri, but I don't have enough time to dedicate to it to get all that the game has to offer. But I'm leaning...

asdr3wsfas3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Dude, get it and we can have an n4g clan. We'll just talk about how much better the game would be on ps3.

"It only looks blurry because my Bravia is can something so wrong excite me?"

The trick to games like MH:tri is not to get too involved and have set times to fight monsters with friends. When you can't decide on another game just pick up MH, find something to grind and do it to prepare for a team battle. It keeps you from playing obsessively when your team isn't there and getting caught up in the massive timesink. If you play all the time 3 months later you hate the game and never play again ;)

I played WoW to level 70, trust me. That's the funny part of this review - western gamers are lazy? Man this guy never played an MMORPG.

EvilTwin3166d ago



You getting it?

I may end up buying it (the feds took all my spending cash right now). If I do, it'll probably end up like COD:MWR. I didn't expect to really play that game much. Maybe 20 hours, tops. My in-game tracker says I've just gone over 4 days. I'll hit 100 hours soon. And if MH is as deep as the review says, I could easily do that in Tri.

asdr3wsfas3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

I have a voucher in my pocket that is for MH3.

I may not play often though. Finals end the 7th and I can't start at all till then (civil procedure sucks - it's why I disappeared from COD). This summer I gotta wrap up a math degree, take some science courses for the patent bar and the actuary exams to ensure employment. Public health care starts in 2014 so I need a job with crazy insurance that pays for insulin =(

I'll have time during May tho and intermittently till August. Then I'm completely [email protected]

Myst3166d ago

Just a few more days and a pretty good score. Many hours of crying, laughing and swearing are ahead...

Aphe3166d ago

Looking forward to this, one of my most anticipated games this year.

Sigh3166d ago

I remember the very first monster hunter game not being praised well. Must buy!

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The story is too old to be commented.