This Game has 25 Million Levels... AlphaBounce writes: "There are a number of reasons why I'm curious about this new indie Nintendo DSi game, Alpha Bounce. First and foremost is their claim that the game has "more than 25 million levels to play." Second, they also claim their game is the first "brick-breaker RPG"… whatever that is. I mean, I what a brick breaker game is, but how do you combine that into an RPG?"

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jay23139d ago

Intreasting, might go for it.

young juice3139d ago

im gonna emulate the sh*t outa this game!!!11oneone

AAACE53139d ago

Don't worry, some guy in Korea will have it beat in 2 months! :)

G4drake3139d ago

25 million????? how many years you will take to get 100% of it

fatstarr3139d ago

lo0oks pretty interesting. it seems like its for the hardcore brick breaker fans 25mill = epic amounds.
and its an rpg. dam sometimes i wish i had an I insted of lite.

Kratos Spartan3139d ago

I swear that game had endless amounts of levels. Maybe not 25 mil, but alot none the less.

DlocDaBudSmoka3139d ago

i remember playing BB for hours upon hours upon hours and didnt reach the end of that damn game. even more disappointing is that we had it co-op and still didnt make it to the end. =(

sinclaircrown3139d ago

One of my fave old school games on the Commodore Amiga. Infact, two of my all time faves were on the AMiga. BB and Wings. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE an HD remake of Wings. Change nothing but graphics, that game was EPIC too.

jjesso19933139d ago

if every level took 1 minute it would 416 hours to complete 17 days and the levels are not going to last for minute i reckon about 3-4 minuites i dont think you would get the end but think they should have like little code and you win somthing

CadDad3139d ago

Is a little wonky.

25,000,000 minutes = 416,666 hours = 17,361 days = 47.56 years @ 1 min per level. ;)


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