Rumored: Halo 3 Excavator

Recently, the guys over at the 7th Columnist did some digging and stumbled upon what looks to be a render of the rumored Halo 3 Brute Excavator weapon.

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nicodemus3843d ago

Definitely has coolness potential and sounds pretty legit, too. I think I'm gonna go watch the Brute-doc vid now, just to see for myself...

FreeMonk3843d ago

In less than 12 hours and all will be known about Halo 3.


Good find though!

nicodemus3843d ago

Certainly possible, but I think there's a little more evidence backing up the "Excavator" rumor. Love the Killzone helmet, though!

zonetrooper53843d ago

Well Bungie has said that they have not shown all the weapons and stuff so it could be one of the things.

Daxx3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

I've seen this weapon before or atleast something like it in that old video of what Halo used to look like when it was first in development.

I'll try to find the vid on YouTube.
Edit: at 2:49 you see a weapon that is very similar to that render.

iceice1233843d ago

It seems like it'd be a shotgun type weapon (I say that because he was firing it single shot and it had to refresh).

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