Kotaku: Rush'N Attack: Ex-Patriot Preview: The 80s Strikes Back

Kotaku writes: "If you grew up in the NES era, you know what I mean. Unlike classic Konami titles like Castlevania, Contra or the poorly translated port of Metal Gear, Rush'N Attack wasn't a classic. It was a decent game that you rented from the local grocery store, back when you could rent games from the grocery store. You picked it up because it had rad box art, and everyone knew that it was a game about killing Communists with a freakin' knife. But after the weekend was over and you'd stabbed some Russkies and rescued some POWs, whatever they were, you took it back to the store and forgot about it. If your parents bought it for you for Christmas, it was gone in a rummage sale the following fall, sold so you could buy Life Force, another, better Konami title."

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guitarded773142d ago

Cool, I'll be getting me some Rush 'n Attack... I disagree with the author about it not being a classic though. RnA was in most arcades during the 80's besides being an NES title... I put a lot of quarters in that game.