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Submitted by SafeRat 3063d ago | news

PAL Markets To Get PS3 Price Cuts This Week

In a late breaking story SmartHouse News has been able to confirm that PAL markets including Australia and the UK will get a PS3 price cut on July 12th.

The Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment in Australia, Michael Ephraim, has confirmed that a PAL market announcement will be made on July 12 2007 regarding price cuts to the PAL market PS3. (Industry, PS3)
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masterg  +   3063d ago

The price here in Denmark is $900.
This would bring it down to about $750.
FreeMonk  +   3063d ago
My Guess!
I'll be very suprised if they issue a UK price cut so soon after releasing the console in Europe. Remember it's been 9 months since the USA release, but only 3 months since the European release.

If they do price drop the PS3, I'm guessing of a £75 drop = £350 RRP, which will still be £50 over the X360 Premium pack, unless MS price drop as well, which I think they will.

My guesses are then:

PS3 = £350 RRP
X360 Core = £150 RRP
X360 Premium = £250 RRP
X360 Elite = £300 RRP

MS will make sure that there consoles are still lower than the PS3.
kornbeaner  +   3063d ago
Great for the PAL areas but I think 20% would've been a sweet spot for that territory.
monoknacker  +   3063d ago
Title is slightly misleading
A price cut is confirmed not that it will be 17.5%
Antan  +   3063d ago
At the very least i guess 349.99. Then chip away over the next 12 to 18 months .
boi  +   3063d ago
lol well its all good a price cut for the UK

damn i brought mine and it all come together to £525 lol

but im i guess my cousins+sum of my friends will start getting 1...they always brag about the price being high lol
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EZCheez  +   3063d ago
Good to hear
It's nice to know that everyone is getting some lovin', except the Japanese. It kind of surprises me that there is no word of a price drop for Japan, considering it is the "homeland."

BTW, I love the new N4G home page layout.
Siesser  +   3063d ago
If I'm not mistaken, their prices in Japan were already MUCH lower than the rest of the world's.
monoknacker  +   3063d ago
Maybe they are waiting
To see how much microsoft drop their price at E3 before making a PAL price cut announcement, if its a big cut then they may have to follow suit. What do you reckon?
xbox360elitegamer  +   3063d ago
gaffyh  +   3063d ago
£349 with a game would sell them loads of consoles, i got mine for £350 with resistance, andits the best purchase i've ever done, thank Godfor the internets
hotshot1237  +   3063d ago
man! ps3 is really pickin up now
... all they haf 2 do is keep metal gear solid 4 exclusive and at least come really really close to the trailer of killzone and keep people excited. i think this could turn around there company for good.
IoACEoI  +   3063d ago
now i can get
South African where i live uses pal so its cool i can get it cheaper now
IoACEoI  +   3063d ago
its so exspnsive in sa
its like R6500! thats madness
darkdoom3000  +   3063d ago
WWow, this is awesome
i never expected them to lover the prices here too that quickly!!

I can get my ps3 for under 1000NZD!!!, yus only 600 dollars to go!

go PS3
Cosmo  +   3062d ago
Oh how generous you are sony
Lets do the math

829.00 AUD = 712.914 USD

Wow...still 200 US more then the American console. What a Joke, who are you fooling sony

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