Brink Will Last "hundreds of hours"

NG: In an exclusive interview with NowGamer, Splash Damage's Creative Director Richard Ham has expressed his greatest point of pride; that unlike the majority of shooter experiences out there, the Studio's forthcoming dystopian epic Brink will keep players happy for "literally hundreds of hours – be it against each other, or against AI,"...

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WildArmed2871d ago

I didn't know DS and Brink were related in some way?

Please enlighten me, because I"mma big fan of DS, and it might get me really hooked to brink.

And for the record, i think any game w/ MP can last over hundreds of hours. So claiming that it'll last that long isn't much of a deal.
Unless the SP makes you coming back for more.. (which DS did.. i'm on my 18th or 19th? new game +)

ifhd2871d ago

Demon’s Souls is the first game that went in to my mind when i hear hundreds of hours becausr it is one of the few games this gen that I have pased 100 hours play time other than MP games.

WildArmed2871d ago

Ah i see.
well i can relate to that.. 400 hours in Demons Souls and counting <3

chak_2871d ago

I'm curious, in a good way

Dead_Cell2871d ago

My friend is so batsh*ttingly insanely hyped for this game he keeps reminding me every ten minutes and he's kinda making me want to buy it.