Nomura on future Kingdom Hearts titles

Tetsuya Nomura, creator of Kingdom Hearts, briefly spoke about future Kingdom Hearts games and said there are a number of games in the planning stage.

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Valay2873d ago

I might be alone on this, but I'd love to see another KH game for the DS. I enjoyed 358/2 Days a great deal.

...It'd also be neat to eventually see a KH game on the 3DS.

rezzah2872d ago

Itd be better to atleast have it out on the psp because I dont want to have to shell out extra money just to play that one game =p (and possibly the next Goldensun)

-Mezzo-2873d ago

358/2 Days was great, but i would love to see a PS3/360/Wii version, i'm sure it will be announced sooner or later.

mjolliffe2873d ago

I've been hoping that'll happen for a while now :)

-Mezzo-2873d ago

Keep The Finger Crossed. :P

Ziriux2873d ago

Aww, I love Kindom Hearts!

Kalowest2873d ago

Thank you Game God, thanks for bring us more KH.

ShinGundam2873d ago

Birth by sleep 2 and playable Xehanort plz

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The story is too old to be commented.