Researcher Says Violent Games Can be Good for Kids

Could it be that violent video games actually have a positive effect on adolescents?

Possibly, according to a new study.

A TV news report highlights research done by Cheryl Olson, an Sc.D. at Massachusetts General Hospital. Olson, who surveyed more than 1,200 7th and 8th graders, said:

"We found that most boys 12- to 14-years-old are playing mature-rated video games, so this idea that M-rated games cause shootings or major violence just doesn't hold water.

We don't know whether playing to get anger out is a good thing or a bad thing for any individual child, but we suspect that it might be healthy for a lot of kids."

Olson also credited playing video games as a social activity.

"They're more likely to play with a group of friends in the same room or over the Internet, so this stereotype of a solitary violent gamer up in his room wasn't borne out, at least in our study.

[Video games are] not going to ruin them. They're not going to go out and pick up a gun. Violent video game play is typical and normal for kids nowadays. That doesn't mean that parents have to like it, but they shouldn't panic about it."

Olson's study was published in the Journal of Adolescent Health.

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snoop_dizzle3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

quickly by non gamers, even though this has SOME validity.

MyNutsYourChin3936d ago

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Oh, and statistics prove that I'm a donkey...

Articles, surveys, and psychological research are always going to find results like this. The method, environment, and subjects involved all have a number of prevalent uncertainties which sway the results in one direction or another. Not only that but statistics only pertains to the majority. The minority is the group that will be more severely affected by such things.

SlippyMadFrog3936d ago

that violent video games do not make children violent. If there are 10 million people playing a violent video game and 5 people of that 10 million commits violent crime and shoots up schools, can we blame the video game? There isn't any concrete evedence that violent video games = violent teenagers. Just my 2 cents

sumfood4u3936d ago

Violence in Videogames is very overrated. Why is it people want to ban violent videogames, when they easily sell beer, an people drink & drive an do more harm to people an themselves than a single violent videogame? Yet people try to change subject, an put the Violent Videogame as the Bad Guy!