Meristation: Splinter Cell: Conviction Review

It is irrefutable that this is a very good game, full of great moments and solid gameplay with a new approach to the series, which mostly includes elements previously seen in the genre rather than being genuinely innovative. Compared with previous deliveries at times when you let little things-less gadgets, movements, etc ... - but equally this time we will find a large number of new mechanics, which are fresh for the series. It is true that Splinter Cell is possibly the most accessible, easiest, though not to take their toll as in the case of Prince of Persia. And well this game could have gone on sale under another name and another player, because it departs from the classic Splinter Cell flavor and this may disappoint the hardcore. But this does not mean that the whole is less interesting. Yes, eventually take a toll sins and failures in the IA-despite the delay Ubisoft titles submitted to improve it, the lows (low) in the framerate or the number of online players in their side. And even worse, the little replayability of the title given the short duration of the single player mode, missing at times less driven development. Despite this, and yet it is a good approach to dramatic action in a separate record for the series. While far from being a point of gender.

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