GameTap offers 500 titles to Mac users

GameTap has opened up its online gaming service to Mac users, offering 500 titles from its library of videogames.

Intel-based Mac users will be able access the service thanks to TransGaming's Cider engine which allows PC titles to run on Macs, Mac Minis and Mac Books.

"The availability of GameTap for the Mac represents an amazing inflection point for Mac gamers," offered Vikas Gupta, CEO of TransGaming.

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Umbrella Corp3906d ago

mac is useless the games are horrible stick with XP

THX71683906d ago

Mac OS X is useless for games but it is 50 billion times better than XP. I am currently running on XP but I used a Mac for a very long time.

I am pretty sure that you are like I was before. I used to bash the Mac and tell everyone that I hated. Truth was that I never used it and just hated everything about it for no reason.

I have used both operating systems and I can tell you that OS X is such an incredible system. It really is leaps and bounds better than XP.

I am going to keep my XP for games but I will definitely be purchasing another Mac soon.

neil19883906d ago

i still think that apple should make a new console

THX71683906d ago

They should make another gaming console or at least partner up with Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo to create a new gaming console.

The Apple Pippin was horrible. lol

ITR3906d ago

Thats what happens when you team up with Bandai...

Nintendo and Apple make a good pair.