Casamassina Still Banging On About Halo DS

Halo DS? It just will. Not. Die. Singlehandedly keeping the rumour mill alive is IGN's Matt Casamassina, who has posted on the IGN boards a little note telling everyone that "proof" of the existence of a Halo DS will be coming "after e3"...

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MyNutsYourChin3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

Omnihilum: Damnit, link, work!

Link: I am sorry, Omnihilum, but I cannot do that...

Link for it...there we go. It works! I guess I could have just went to Kotaku...

PS360WII3998d ago

Well I just don't see how it would be. As a DS owner I would gleefully get this game, but it would seal the deal on MS not coming out with it's own handheld.

However seeing that this rumor is so crazy I'm just going to see this as nothing but a joke. Prove me wrong though I wouldn't mind playing it

FreeMonk3998d ago

Not sure how it would work on the DS. Would it be a FPS? Or a Side Scroller? Or even something in the vain of Halo Wars.

Sounds a little bogus though. I'm sure that if there is a copy of Halo DS out there that is an official game linked to Bungie, that there'd be more people out there with a copy, and leaked on the net.

I'll wait to find out if it's true or not, but I'm not holding my breath!

Umbrella Corp3998d ago

it looks nice but be real microsoft will release a hand held that is compatible with live anywhere

nirwanda3998d ago

microsoft have been building bridges with nintendo for a while with comments on how they like the wii and want people to go wii60 and letting rare release diddy kong racing on the DS and now this halo rumour which could easily be true makes me wounder what microsoft want.

Classic rare live arcade titles? or cross platform titles or we'll give you DS stuff if you live arcade games?
zelda came out on the cdi even if it was rubbish.

thezuur3998d ago

i know people know about this little game. it would not be hard to port it into a DS game and pull some much needed revenue for M$.