Gay marriage coming to Runes of Magic

At a time when gay marriage is illegal in most countries across the real world, one forward-thinking MMO developer is displaying a liberal attitude in the virtual world.

The game is Runes of Magic, a World of Warcraft-esque free to play MMORPG that makes its money through micro-transactions.

In an upcoming free expansion, called Chapter III - The Elder Kingdoms, a marriage system will be introduced that allows same sex marriage.

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ChozenWoan2872d ago

I thought all the girls on there was really men.

Dave13512872d ago

Sick and unnatural, just as bad as being a pedophile. The media has desensitized people over the years

mushroomwig2872d ago


Who the hell are you to compare homosexuality to pedophila? First off, being in a homosexual relationship is something that's consensual between two people, pedophila isn't.

Secondly, what does the media have anything to do with this? It's called human decency to recognise the fact that same sex relationships are equally important as same sex ones.

I only hope you're just trolling because if you were serious about your comment then I really pity your mindset.

Brewski0072872d ago

He's clearly just a troll/kid. I mean he's even got a cartman avatar.
But what an idiotic comment to make really trolling aint even an excuse for that.
On topic i think its cool and innovative and shows how far we've moved on , not just technically but also being more socially acceptable to walks of different lifes.

Dave13512872d ago

Nope I was pretty serious, back in the day it wasnt tolerated. men acted like men and women acted like women (good family values). Its a sickness in the head to find the same sex attractive, just like finding kids attractive.

u guys should wake up and get your heads out of your a$$es and quit believing what they tell you, think for yourself!

Ocelot5252872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )


damn redneck...

living in a house is also unnatural, gaming is also not natural,...

natural is raping a girl on the street just because you wanted to fulfill your instinct, your desires

but being unnatural is what being a human is, breaking whith your natural side, ignoring your instinct, instead using reason and intellect in your actions, many problems society faces to day are natural actions of humans

do you see now why your unnatural argument is BS?

there is only one argument against homophelia: it's unethical if you follow the ethics from Emmanuel Kant (

but then again, ethics in the USA aren't based on Kant but on Utilitarianism

Dave13512872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

dang rednecks dont know how to use those fancy wikipedia links

Brewski0072872d ago

I do think for myself, and what I think is that I have no problem with same sex relationships. Although I'm very happy with my girlfriend of two years who am i to deny someone who'd rather share this happiness with someone of the same sex?
And take your own advice and allow others to think for themselves, If people want to be in a same sex relationship then its clearly their perogative. Its takes an ignorant narrow-minded individual like to compare that to pedophilia. I mean seriously.
If industries like the gaming industry want to explore this avenue also then its a step in the right direction in breaking down these social barriers.

Strikepackage Bravo2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Dave has a point, he just twisted it a little. Homosexuality is the same as pedophilia with the exception of one major fact. Homosexuality is consensual, and pedophilia is rape. But otherwise he is right, homosexual love is no less creepy than bestiality, necrophilia, or even toilet sex. We have just been conditioned to think gay love is "normal" while we demonize those other sexual preferences.

The fact is gay love deviates from what is considered "normal" from a scientific point of view. Just as those other sexual preferences do, I think we need to stop demonizing people with other "weird" sexual preferences, and start letting them off the hook like we do gays. Unless of coarse the sexual desire hurts someone else, in that case we should try to help the sexual deviants instead of demonizing them. Many child molesters have stated that they cannot stop their behavior, and that they will re-affend, so why is there no push to try and understand them, so that we may help these guys.

Why should gays be the only sexual deviant group that gets treated with respect? The guy who likes to play with his wife's poop is called sick, but the guy who likes to play with other guys, is worthy of unlimited blind tolerance and social respect. Something is wrong with that.

Chris_Hansen_Rocks2872d ago


"the guy who likes to play with his wife's poop is called sick, but the guy who likes to play with other guys, is worthy of unlimited blind tolerance and social respect. Something is wrong with that."

yea but marying someone who plays whith poop is legal in all states, but same sex mariage is not. this was the subject.

but you're right, legal fetishes should be socially accepted, in europe we are at a further stage at that. Things like SM aren't taboo anymore.

Darkstorn2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

The U.S. was NOT founded on utilitarianism. Utilitarianism hadn't even been speculated about until John Stuart Mill in the mid-19th century, let alone in 1776. The closest thing that existed at the time was Rosseau's 'back to the natural state of man' thesis, but the United States' founders rejected that hypothesis.

America as it was founded was somewhat based on egalitarianism, but overall Locke and Hobbes are the main influences.

cheese2872d ago

It's okay to be gay, Dave.



I'll sum up what the research finds: homophobia is a symptom of repressed homosexuality.

Strikepackage Bravo2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Yeah admittedly I was not addressing the gay marriage issue, I was talking about the lack of tolerance for Daves point of view, and other sexual deviants.

One of the problems I have with gay marriage, is that you are not just asking that gays be allowed to marry, you are asking that the the world or nation change the definition of marriage. Marriage is something that is sacred to many many people, for a small group of people to come along and insist that we all change the definition of marriage to suite their preference is intrusive and oppressive. No one small minority should have the right to force their unique and opposing belief system on the majority.

Gay marriage is not about guys sexing guys, or homophobia, its about the non existent rights of a few trampling the existing rights of many.

I think the less morally bankrupt thing for gays to do is leave marriage alone and come up with something similar to marriage, with a different name, and legal definition just for gays and lesbians.

drdistracto7072872d ago

shouldnt hate be exclusive to the open zone?

gamer zone is for the impartial only

Ocelot5252872d ago


you're right, but much of today's politics are unofficialy based on it.

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Army_of_Darkness2872d ago

now we all can see some real "sword fighting" action!..... **goes and pukes**

mushroomwig2872d ago

Good, there is no real reason why they should't allow a thing like that in games.

Darkstorn2872d ago

Agreed. The more options, the merrier.

Treyb3yond2872d ago

Americans may find this something to fret over, religion has that effect.

drdistracto7072872d ago

agreed, how about we ban religion before we ban gay marriage

at least then we'd be doing ONE thing that is helpful

Darkstorn2872d ago

I wouldn't go so far as to ban religion, but with objective education more people will leave their faith behind. Religion shouldn't be nonexistent, but it should be less readily accepted than it is today.

KiLLUMiNATi_892872d ago

I hate g a y people it doesn't make sense in how guys would turn down p u s s y for fuking dic ks. Now that's point blank unexplainable and unacceptable

Pumbli2872d ago

I hate i g n o r a n t people, it doesn't make sense in how people can act like a s s h o l e s and judge someone just because that person has a different sexual orientation then they do. Now that's point blank unexplainable and unacceptable.

Ocelot5252872d ago

it is the same reason why the healthcare bill is such a big issue in the USA:

ignorance, it are people who never seen much of the world, never been proplerly in contact with other cultures and societies

I was once very ignorant too, believed that capitalism was the end of history and i had some catholic beliefs

now I belief in people, not in god, now I know we don't have to wait till death for heaven, we have to make it here on earth. but a system based on greed never gonna be heaven.

People need to know that this isn't the end of history like Francis Fukuyama says, history has merely begun.

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