Critical Gamer: Hydro Thunder Hurricane: PAX East Hands-On

Critical Gamer writes: The original Hydro Thunder is one of the finest arcade racers ever made. Thanks to some well-placed subwoofers, awesome track design, and the feel of boosting over rolling waves, Hydro Thunder captured the raw power and excitement of racing like nothing in its era. Even today, if I find a Hydro Thunder machine at some last bastion of arcade culture, I will play the hell out of it.

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scruffy_bear3168d ago

I'm really looking forward too Hydro Thunder Hurricane very much

Cubes3168d ago

This is shaping up quite well. I hope they get a good sense of speed in it, as there's nothing quite like that Burnout Paradise burst of pace, to get the adrenalin pumping.

mjolliffe3168d ago

It's certainly shaping up!