Chris Deering on what to expect from this year's Edinburgh Interactive Festival

The Edinburgh Interactive Festival is back this year, complete with new speakers, new events and a new agenda. Here, EIF chairman and former Sony Europe boss Chris Deering reveals more of what's planned for the event.

"We think it's going to be the best ever. It's the fifth anniversary, it's the longest continuous running conference that deals with games in Europe. There are other things that happen in Europe, developers' conferences and so on, but this is simply a celebration of creativity in an atmosphere where creativity is in the air.
It's not a business conference, it's not a development conference; it's really looking at interactivity in general. We call it the interactive festival because so many things, including games but not limited to games, are interactive, and interactive features are becoming part of experience in an awful lot of ways. So the games industry is becoming more relevant in a broader context than ever before."

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