New Crackdown 2 Trailer Brings Epic Sandbox Fun

GT: There's not much to explain in this new Crackdown 2 montage except that if you like having fun then you definitely need to check it out. Ruffian Games is determined to bring sandbox heaven to Pacific City once again this June.

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xaviertooth2896d ago

my gawd, i have to laugh at that trailer. look at teh cars, choppers, people and buildings its like they just googled a picture and paste it there. it look very static everything looks garbage art and physics is nowhere can be seen. i hope this is exclusive to 360 they deserve this kind of game which is lame just right for their gaming needs.

Greywulf2896d ago

Wonder if bots will still pretend they like this without a beta for halo?

k-Lan2895d ago

Having fun with that ONE bubble Greywuss? Go get laid. You're too negative.

xaviertooth2896d ago

and i notice because i have a very keen eye, the cars and animations look like those found on forza 3.

k-Lan2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Actually you're blind and dumb. You own a PS3 as your only console. LOL.

Btw. This is the 360 section. Idiots like you click on the "PS3" tab. Don't worry you'll find all the exclusives you've been trying to find along with your homo buddies.

xaviertooth2896d ago

jeez, who would buy that game?

movements2896d ago

Um, millions WILL buy that game.

respawnaction2896d ago

ME! The best sandbox experience I've had this gen, next to Saints Row. Apparently you don't like the word 'fun'

Xeoset2896d ago

Day one here.

Pathetic troll is pathetic.

joydestroy2896d ago

day1 for me as well. i enjoyed the first one quite a bit

StanLee2896d ago

That looks like balls to the wall fun.

mikepmcc2895d ago

This is an epic thread...100% support for the game from the agrees and disagrees. Day 1!

silvacrest2895d ago

that reminded me of a inner city, cell shaded version or mercs two

im not bashing this, it looks much more fun

k-Lan2895d ago

I absolutely loved the first one! Unfortunately i didn't have enough patience to collect all those damn orbs!

r0s3b0wl232895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Agreed. This game looks generic and poorly developed. I don't understand how people can sit down and play games like these when titles like Uncharted 2 have raised the bar so far. You have to be on CRACK to be DOWN with this game, lmao.

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mjolliffe2896d ago

Certain to get this, not day one though :)

Dance2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Tons of fun

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