Is the Xbox 360 a Good Bet for Customers?

...With the Nintendo Wii showing no signs of slowing down (it outsold the Xbox 360 in May and is still nearly impossible to find at retail) and the PlayStation 3 about to put its underwhelming first year behind it with a plethora of new, enticing games, Microsoft's position as market leader in this new generation of video games is, as Moore may say, without guarantee.

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FordGTGuy3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

and has a big year ahead for games. Its a very good bet.

@Bill Gates
Its not fanboy ego its a fact that there are more sold Xbox 360s then there are sold Wiis or PS3s.

Bill Gates3938d ago

"It still has the largest fanbase"....

You can come down from your XBOT cloud now.

eLiNeS3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

3rd Xbox 360 but never got the "red ring of death" though. No matter how many times it breaks down, I will still own a Xbox 360. Once you get online with it and find the right friends to play with, it's hard to put down. What I suggest to anyone thinking of getting a Xbox 360 is to buy from Costco or if none are in the area. They have a lifetime warranty on most everything for no extra cost. I have been getting my Xbox's there for almost 6 years now and have never had a problem returning them when they take a dump. This is one way to make owning a Xbox 360 a good bet.

If you had bought from Costco you would not have to wait for it to be returned, you just pack it up and return it and in a few hours be back online gaming with your friends. I know it could be a pain to keep having to get it repaired but at least Microsoft is doing something about it. A 3 year warranty is unheard of for a gaming console. The PS3 and Wii only have a 90 day.

Not sure why anyone would disagree with my post. If I was going to buy a PS3 I would buy it from Costco as well for the lifetime warranty. And if you disagree because I will continue to own a Xbox 360 no matter how many times it breaks down, that is my fact, don't knock it until you have tried the Xbox live experience for a few months, you will be hooked.

actionjackson3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

Really? Last time I checked, Sony owned the part of fan base. Remember that PS2 that sold over 100 mil. Of I forget that MS fans fore all of their products. My bad.

I'm still waiting for my 2nd ROD to come back. It's going to be my 3rd x360, and frankly I've kinda had it with MS. They do this with almost all products that they make. The problem is I am invested in the system with 11 games and that HD-Dvd drive. So what do I do. I don't know. My serious question for MS is, do they ever build anything that works for the first time?

XxZxX3938d ago

eLiNes, What's ur obsession with disagrees?? Ppl just can't disagree with you?? not everyone has costco membership you know and not a lot people have such super loyalty to MS like you. Some ppl easily had it with 2 or 3 RROD.

G_CodeMonkey3938d ago

While we'd all love to not have the issue at all, I've got three (wife even got her own XBL account to track her achievements and online play). If it breaks (I've had the RRoL once), send it back--usually its a smooth process. The games, the "experience" they talk about, it kicks a tremendous amount of tail. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. My kids got me a Wii for father's day, and its really cool (Wii Sports + browser + news + weather--hear that M$??), but nothing brings the depth of the games on the 360.. Once the PS3 drops to $300 or less I'll buy it simply for a BluRay player (they'll probably have something I want to play by then as well). gCM

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P4KY B3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

Why does this crap get approved?

power of Green 3938d ago

#1 has your answer. Also the 10th is MS's day so this isn't suprizing the only sad thing is MS fans will not be trying to make the PS3 look bad.

XxZxX3938d ago

"Also the 10th is MS's day so this isn't suprizing the only sad thing is MS fans will not be trying to make the PS3 look bad. "

Coming from you is funny!! I wonder who made those PS3 is collecting dust remarks. Nice try, POS

coolmatrix3938d ago


This brings joys to my heart!!

Once the ball gets rolling worldwide MS would have to produce the true figures of failures which now stands at 72%.

By admitting to ONLY fix Red Ring of Death they will leave many 360 owners out in the cold.

I can't wait to see what happens to ALL those poached PS2 exclusives sales figures. Those companies are happy to be paid upfront.

Only time will tell!

IF you are a MARK...the 360 is for you!!!

razer3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

So you celebrate the fact that some sue happy loser and his lawyers are trying to go after MS for what's basically a non-existent problem? You know who makes money of these lawsuits? Lawyers!

This doesn't even have Class Action status yet, it's just meant to grab headlines for people with half a brain like yourself to latch on to. Nice try with the "mark" comment but I don't get it? If in mark you mean someone who gets to play great games on a good console then yea sure..

Lol at %72! You just pull numbers out of your ass don't you?? Wow, I'd use the word idiot but that's giving you too much credit..

nobizlikesnowbiz3938d ago

Yea if you had any sense you would realize how hard the lawyer is reaching for some money.

Disc scratching problems? It's stated in the manual, M$ is not liable.
If anything I'd expect him to go after RROD, since that actually is M$'s fault.

It just shows how little homework the lawyer did before filing this.
It will probably be dimissed in some way shape or form. Probably in a "get-off-my-d1ck-you-bloo dsucking-lawyer" check.

TaylorB3938d ago

Don't be too happy for Tort law. While in some situations it can be beneficial to the consumer, most of the time it's just more money in the pocket of tort lawyers. Tort is some of the scummiest and corrupt justice seen in the last few decades. Millions in the pocket of the lawyer, a few dollars in the pocket of the wronged consumer.

While Microsoft strategy of refunds was obviously easiest and most financially palatable for the company; it was better for consumers too because it means that they get exactly what they deserved.

Microsoft has a lot of issues they need to fix when it comes to hardware. Harddrive failure, DREs, complete failure and disc scratching are all frequent enough of issues that they should be resolved in as timely as a manner as possible. A tort lawyer isn't going to help us get there though. It'll be longer and more arduous and at the end of the day, there will be less money in Microsoft's pocket, and even less in the consumers.

G_CodeMonkey3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

I'm afraid the lawsuit will be thrown out, so your joy will be short-lived... gCM

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Mr VideoGames3938d ago

but in my opinion if i was Sony i would of just put a Regular DVD Player inside of the PS3 instead of a Blue Ray, cause that would of Lowered the price down to where the Xbox 360 is it would be up there with the 360 and Wii so everyone would be happy - am i right?

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witchking3938d ago

I'm somehow still on my first 360 (knock on wood) and got it only two months after launch. I guess I can count myself as lucky.

The article definitely had a bit of sting to it, didn't it? :-)

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