Good Stories In Games Don't Exist

NG: I've played games that have a good story for a game. I've played games that have good story telling elements. I've played games where the story has worked well as a vehicle for the gameplay. And occasionally I've played games that use effective storytelling techniques that are unique to games. But I have never played a game with a story that is, in and of itself, good...

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gears223142d ago

You need to play more games.

jimmins3142d ago

With the article... stories in games are often good, but only with the added caveat 'FOR A GAME'. Compared to books and films, game narratives can't compete because the rules are just completely different. When does the main protagonist in the novel you're reading spend five chapters popping the heads off aliens? Never. Narrative is a different language - one that is all but incompatible with gameplay and only succeeds to the point where the story is okay... for a game.

Shadow Flare3142d ago

final fantasy 7, metal gear solid, uncharted all prove you wrong. Thats all I have to say to this idiots article

WildArmed3141d ago

'don't exist' is too much of a extreme statement.

Yes they are rare, but they do exist.
the MGS saga is probably the only example i need to bring up.
but many rpgs like FFX, FF7, Half-life, heavy rain (?) etc etc having an amazing story that parallels top selling books.

My incentive to buy games heavily relies on the story.. if i dont feel the need to progress in the game.. i most likely wont feel the need to buy the game.

Kratos Spartan3141d ago

but we all know what they are, and I'm not into making lists. See enough lists on here as it is anyway.

RadientFlux3140d ago

6 games/series of the top of my head

Mass Effect Series
Planescape Torment
KOTOR Series
Fallout Series
The Longest Journey

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Slimshadyn3142d ago

There are more types of games then shooters.

farhsa20083142d ago

clearly this guy never played uncharted 2

SeanScythe3142d ago

GOW Trilogy and Uncharted would like to meet you in the back ally for a "Talk".

jesuisankit3141d ago

MGS, Mass Effect, Ico, POP:sands of time, GTA IV heck even DMC3 had an amazing storyline..

Rich16313140d ago

GTA4 had an awesome story, characters, and dialogue! I don't know what you have been smoking!

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