Becoming A Stellar Games Industry Manager, Part 2: Effective Presentations

In the latest edition of his ongoing series on improving your games industry-related managerial skills, Marc Mencher continues his initial look at the the power of influence, this time focusing on the importance of effective presentations.

"Being able to communicate effectively one-on-one is an important skill but so is being able to get your message across to a larger audience. That could be your team of four or it could be an auditorium full of conference attendees. Regardless of the size of your audience, you need to hit the ground running and keep them interested from beginning to end.

Before the days of multimedia and "sound bytes," people were more accustomed to listening to a speaker without more than the usual distractions of side conversations, coughing and making shopping lists in their head. Today you've got to compete with laptops, cell phones, text messaging and an audience that fidgets mentally as well as physically, so unless you're a brilliant stand-up comedian, it's wise to do a little prep work."

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