Call of Duty Games Are For The "Fanboys" Says Bodycount Creator

Famed Black creator Stuart Black is now heading a team that's hard at work on his new effort titled Bodycount. The game he says, seeks to create a whole new experience – something that's "unique and compelling".

He also would like for "everyone" to enjoy it. Oh and forget about the Call of Duty franchise, as for Black, those games are for the "fanboys".

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BeaArthur3020d ago

This guy talks a lot of sh!t, he better deliver.

movements3020d ago

I'm hoping Bodycount turns out to be something stellar...

But I'm not sure it'll be...Lady Gaga?

respawnaction3020d ago

Bodycount is the only game I'm looking forward to, that, and Bulletstorm

mjolliffe3020d ago

Man this guy won't hear the last of it if Bodycount is n't spectacular...

N4PS3G3020d ago

This guy does have a big mouth. Hope his game delivers.

movements3020d ago

They usually don't, but we'll see

el_nene_lindo3020d ago

im happy and some heart beat sensor to stay in a corner waiting for someone to past by it would be

Roper3163020d ago

no matter how much he talks his game can't be any worse, have shorter campaign or more broken glitched out MP then MW2.

movements3020d ago

LOl, I enjoyed MW2. Really did.

PhantomT14123020d ago

it's the exact contrary, CoD (MW2) isn't made for fans but for "everyone" (casual). Real fans of the CoD serires and FPS players are disgusted by it...

SpaceSquirrel3020d ago

Kind of agree with that one.