Nintendo 3DS: The time is right says Reggie

ONM: Nintendo's US boss Reggie Fils-Aime has explained why Nintendo are launching the new 3DS in the next 12 months.

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fatstarr3167d ago

well i agree. that quote defines Nintendo perfectly, but Reggie software makes you happy... so if ur gonna take over the wold with this 1. one would say Pokemon black n white should be on the 3ds... eh? no or have some 3ds functionality yes yes :D. but at least nintys taking the next initiative because if it were up to Sony and Nintendo we wouldn't see a next ds or psp until 2012 when apple releases something crazy.

well at least the small cogs to the next gen wheel are starting to turn.

xTruthx3167d ago

LOL super nintendo rocks!, I was looking at my old things and i found my supernintendo under a dustbrick and when I put the power cord and tried switching it on I didn't hear anything and the light didn't come up so I said.. Ah I was asking for 2 much, I pressed reset by accident while I was picking it up and it worked! after all this years of no use and under dust! old things are the most reliable i guess lol

Noctis Aftermath3167d ago

I was hoping for some specs but that is probably what they are saving for E3.

fatstarr3166d ago

yea this e3 is going to be epic.
i hope nothing gets leaked until then. id like to keep the anticipation brewing.

Aphe3167d ago

Probably the worst troll on n4g. Some trolls make an effort, you're just boring.

frankymv3167d ago

Nintendo 3ds-fall 2010
Sony PSP 2-fall 2010
Apple ipod touch 4g-summer 2010
Wii HD-Holiday 2010
xbox 720-fall 2011 (look for an announcement at E3 2011)
PS4-fall 2011

claterz3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

I don't think a new xbox will come out in 2011, especially if they are planning on releasing a slim 360 later this year. Also Natal is coming out soon which will give the 360 an extra year atleast IMO. No need for new consoles if they're going to keep their current ones fresh by releasing peripheralls like natal.
Oh and definitely not a ps4 any time soon lol. Got Move, 3D coming.

maniacmayhem3167d ago

And I really doubt Sony is going to drop another new console.

After so many revisions and the PS3 finally picking up steam it would be foolish to drop a console for the next year.

darthv723167d ago

That is, if it is priced right and has the games to back it up.

air13167d ago

so why did they waste there time with xl? how has it been selling?

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