Crysis 2 Writer: Uncharted 2 Has Best Storytelling

NG: Award-winning novelist Richard Morgan - who had nothing to do with the original Crysis - speaking exclusively to NowGamer, has revealed his belief that Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is all the proof you need to show that gameplay and great stories can and do go hand in hand...

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FangBlade3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

Uncharted 2 probably has the best story, gameplay, graphics and sound this gen.
Unfortunately for him, I cant say the same thing for Crysis. I think no one can.
This dude needs to stfu he talks too much.

hay3165d ago

Yup, too much talking, he's begging for a fail bulsh*tter when Crysis 2 comes out. Nothing justifies trash talking but this guy's story better be mindblowing or he'll soon be another Dyack or Greenberg.

kratos1233165d ago

crysis only got graphics going fore it the game is soo boring such a bad replay valeu and no mp im still wondering to this day why it sold this much i trully dislike this game

jimmins3165d ago

That Richard Morgan had NOTHING AT ALL to do with the original Crysis ;)

Tachyon_Nova3165d ago

He is right, I believe. Uncharted 2's story is dished out almost perfectly, and the script is at the same level, if not even better than the story.

Why are you guys still bashing this guy when he just praised a game that I think we all know and love?

@1.0 - Why is it unfortunate for him? He didn't write anything for the original Crysis.

@1.2 - "and no mp" - Really? The only reason you could have missed the MP is if you pirated the game. Is that a confession? Or do you simply mean that you did not enjoy it?

3165d ago
Syronicus3165d ago

He makes a solid point and yet a very obvious one. The PS3 owners know that Uncharted 2 is the best game on the maker to date and those who have not played it, well, I feel sorry for you.

Sure does make me wonder what Cold 2000 will say to this. He must be very upset that the writer did not mention an Xbox 360 game as being the best of anything.

sikbeta3165d ago

Yep, UC2 is Just Awesome

Downtown boogey3165d ago

but separately it doesn't have the best elements. MGS4 has a better story and so does Bioshock, Gears and Halo, I think, have better gameplay. Uncharted 2 is almost the ultimate mix (though the story is still shallow, yet well told). I also think that GoWIII and KZ2 have better graphics, too.

nix3165d ago

even the girls sat and watched us play the game. it's got pretty good stroy/acting. and around that time came Demon's Souls too. i think DS was the best game i played last year.

cayal3165d ago

What is it with the Crysis guys and all this talking?

Shut up and make the damn game.

DaTruth3165d ago

I think DS was the best game I ever played! I had to fit in Uncharted 2 between Newgames.

nix3165d ago

yup... i'm trying to think of other games which have had me sweat, whimper, shiver, think and cheer other than Demon's Souls.

God of War series were epic. i feel little dissatisfied with GOW3 though. maybe playing it again specially with that next dark costume might take care of it. i liked Folklore too. Uncharted 2 was brilliantly polished game though.

right now, i'm playing Yakuza 3. that's interesting too, specially with the RGP setup.

ico923165d ago

What Uncharted 2 lacks in complex storytelling something that is found in the MGS series it makes up for with superb voice acting and loveable , 3 dimensional characters.

JsonHenry3165d ago

I played both of the Crysis games on the PC, and I would not hold my breath that the game is going to hold a candle to the story telling in UC2.

However! Gameplay in Crysis was incredible so at least I have faith the game will shine where it is most important - gameplay and fun factor.

himdeel3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago ) can I play this game with him? Sonic has the bluest fur & Starcraft Brood War was a Zerg Fest love in :)

Why is this news...I fault the people for approving this.

EDIT: Because all of the comments on DS. That game was a VERY PLEASANT surprise. It currently ranks tops in my list of favorite games. It clearly has pimped slapped Pitfall on the Atari 2600 off of my list :( Sorry Harry it's been fun.

Will-UK3165d ago

I have played crysis & crysis warhead and i can truthfully say the story is crap this guy should work on improving the story line and stop talking.

wicko3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

And you should work on finding out who wrote crysis and crysis warhead, because it wasn't this guy.

Has no one seen the articles about the original crysis writer going to jail for "attacking" an american border guard?

Will-UK3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

Hence why I said "this guy should work on improving the story line"

but.. I never heard of the border police incident I will google that.

EDIT: LOOOOL - I knew they employed a new writer but I never knew the other one went jail, from the article its not clear if he worked previous iterations.

NeoBasch3165d ago

Well, he's taking inspiration from the right games at least. I'm interested to see what he does with Crysis 2. Sounds pretty epic. Stories have been remarkably absent this generation with First Person Shooters. I can recall Resistance: Fall of Man (just the original) and BioShock. That's about it. I don't know about you guys, but I really do want to see Crytek deliver on what they promise. Who wouldn't? Don't we all love gaming?

wicko3165d ago

Well, sorry for assuming, but the way you wrote it seemed to imply that he shouldn't be one to talk, and a lot of other commentors have been saying that :p

Darkstorn3165d ago

I have to disagree. Metal Gear Solid 4's story was much more involving, meaningful, and relevant.

MGS4's storyTELLING, on the other hand, was a bit confusing.

And what about Bioshock? I think that had some of the best storytelling around.

Commander TK3165d ago

The Uncharted games have a great story, but it´s all about Metal Gear when it comes to story.

AnttiApina3165d ago

Finally this guy isn't talking rubbish.

Uncharted's story may not have been original in an Indiana Jones sense, but it manages to capture and portray the story in an unique way.

JL3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

First off, I never got into the MGS series, just couldn't do it. The games didn't appeal to me (wasn't the game style or anything, cause I enjoy Splinter Cell and Hitman), thus I didn't play the new one either. However, I got a couple friends who were into it. One being a diehard fan of the series. And that die hard fan has told me on several occasions now that he was disappointed with MGS4. Repeatedly telling me this (it really irked him, cause he was so hyped for it). Saying the game sucked with all the extremely long cutscenes and saying the ending of the ongoing story didn't satisfy him. I'm going to take his word on that.

That being said, I don't think MGS can top UC's storyline. Maybe y'all just liked it more cause you were more invested in it after all those years of playing it? To me UC's story can't be topped by many games at all this generation. And overall, that game has to be the best all-around game this generation. Story's not topped by many at all. The gameplay is great and very few games have been more fun in that regards. And it's still one of (if not THE)best looking games this gen (that goes for both of them). in the world are people leaving out Heavy Rain when talking about story? For me, that has to be the best storytelling this generation. It's like Memento meets Seven, just great storytelling. Though I will say the acting in UC tops HR's acting and I liked the characters better in UC as well. But in terms of sheer storytelling, Heavy Rain is way too amazing to have been completely skipped over in talking about great stories in games.

P.S. Also worth an honorable mention in my book is Valkyria Chronicles.

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sid4gamerfreak3165d ago

Im guessing you havent played crysis right? For you crysis is all about the graphics?

Talk about ignorance...

OT: Of course uncharted 2 has the best storytelling this gen, it was thoroughly engaging all the way through. I only hope devs learn from naugty dog and make great games for all of us to enjoy.

Bolts3165d ago

Do we need a news post for each one of his comments? Stop approving this crap please because everything he said links back to the same god damn article. Someone is clearly milking this article to death.


it's like he read the first paragraph in which this guy was ragging on halo and thought " cool, that is news ". so he posted it.

Then... he continued to read the article and came to the bit about killzone 2 " cool I will post that as well "..

And now he has got round to the next little bit.

120FPS3165d ago

next on crysis 2 writer: i wipe my ass from back to front....

gillri3165d ago

UC2 was a visual masterpiece, it was sooooooo polished and look ed fantastic

this gen I think UC2 is king of storytelling

duplissi3165d ago

mgs4 was great all round and is one of the best games ive ever played.
but to say it has the best storytelling is just ignorant (no offense intended) im not saying the story sucks in any way shape or form but it was bloated, there was just too much superfluous crap in it to justify that claim.

nix3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

i liked the Folklore story intriguing. probably creepier and weird than Tim Burton's movies.

@duplissi: i agree. the game was great, not doubt. but man.. the story just went on and on just to make us believe about the events.

@kraze (below): no dude, both of agree that the story was good but lemme borrow this line from 'duplissi' above: "...but it was bloated, there was just too much superfluous crap in it to justify that claim."

kraze073165d ago

So basically you guys are saying you didn't like the story because it had depth to it right? UC2's story is on the level of an Indiana Jones movie. The God of War series, Metal Gear Solid series, and Mass Effect Series all have better stories than UC2.

duplissi3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

k, now your twisting my words.... i did not say i didnt like the story in fact i loved mgs4 and the story was awesome, and i hate having to repeat myself: but it was BLOATED ie: there was too much that didnt need to be there... uncharted 2 doesnt have a better story per se but the presentation/method is better: it gets the job done well and efficiently.

and to be honest with you i didnt mind it being that way, ive been playing and loving metal gear since solid first came out in 98. metal gear wouldnt be metal gear without some of the nonsensical stuff anyway and i wouldnt have it any other way because it wouldnt be metal gear.

and btw a bloated story doesnt equate to "depth" (mgs4 was indeed deep)

kraze073165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

So how exactly does a story become better just for being simpler and more straight to the point? You see all the extra filler as unnecessary, but I see it as more depth to the story and the Metal Geat universe as a whole. The same thing happened with DBZ back in the days. People where always telling me there was too much talking involved in the show, but I always thought all the talking and filler added more life to the characters and made the story better.

That's like saying it's better to run through the main story of an RPG and just forget about the side quests because they make the story more 'bloated'. Some of us like all the extra padding added to the story.

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