Rumor: Slim 360, Natal and 250GB HDD to be bundled for $299

Microsoft is likely to offer a new Xbox 360 slim model, 250 GB hard-drive and motion controller Project Natal in a hardware bundle for $299 by the end of the year.

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movements3168d ago

That would be a steal of a deal..

ChozenWoan3168d ago

It's the Natal360. The cam will be integrated into the console, thus the reason for the redesign.

Projekt7tuning3168d ago

@ ChozenWoan
Maybe, You might be right. I would like to see what it looks like. Also with the current 360, you can stand it up or lay it down. I wonder if you would still be able to do that if its one piece? You know what I mean?

jden283168d ago

I think MS may even do it for 199 and throw in a built in wi-fi in the new model... They have always said 199 was the magic price point and this may very well be the time for it. But I don't think they'll reveal this bundle price at E3... I think that they'll tell us about the games knock our socks off with that and give a real name to the device. At most I think they'll tell the price of natal stand alone attempt to clear out all old models first then at the Tokyo Game show reveal the bundle price of the new slim model and natal and maybe even Lost Odessy2 or a new Blue Dragon...What ever they do I think we will be suprised MS is always up to something and they've just been too quiet lately.

EvilBlackCat3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

wrong BAD BAD BAD move.

if so then you need to have your console right under and in the middle of yor HDTV righ?


AAACE53168d ago

Before anyone else says something stupid like, "The Natal camera will be built into the 360"... Keep in mind that statement doesn't make sense!

What if you want to move over or rearrange something? You have to keep moving your console around. Natal will be an external peripheral. Please quit making yourself sound dumb people!

The camera is meant to stand in whatever spot you want to place it... Didn't you see the videos!

darthv723168d ago

Free online play for silver members (with a catch).

I was told by a gamestop employee that MS is considering making child accounts on 360's that have a gold membership be able to play online. Basically when you create a sub account for achievements and such they are considered silver members.

I always thought it sucked that I am a gold but my son couldnt play online using his silver status even though his profile is on the same system as my gold. MS may change that (god i hope so). He wants to play several games his friends play online but has to do it using my profile. I would rather him use his own but I dont feel like paying for a second gold account.

The gamestop guy said so long as a gold profile resides on the 360, this change would let any silver profile play online as well.

Nice if true!

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FangBlade3168d ago

Aproved :D
I hope the Xbox 360 Slim will have a 42nm (or smaller) motherboard.

Omega43168d ago

I wonder if they will have an arcade slim model too for $199, since $299 seems a bit high if they are going for a casual audience.

dazzalfc3168d ago

Agreed, it would seem a little high priced whilst aiming at a casual audience.

I'm sure Microsoft will package Natal with the arcade console, would seem daft not to really.

Delive3168d ago

I would be impressed if they can pull that off. That would undercut the entire market with a console, camera and 250gb hdd for that price.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3168d ago

Seriously, a slimmed down 360 with a large enough HDD to store stuff AND Natal...

My only beef is, this is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

A total fantasy.

catguykyou3168d ago

My wife and I watch a lot of Netflix stuff. We also both have Live accounts so if this was true, I would totally pick up a 2nd 360 for our bedroom upstairs. Especially if it had built in wireless (would hate to have to buy another wireless adapter). (my ps3 is downstairs with the 52' BRAVIA TV. Don't play any online games on the PS3 so there is no reason to get a second one of those...yet

frankymv3168d ago

Gears 3 in April 2011, Slim/Natal holiday 2010.

Expect an xbox 720 announcement In June 2011 for release fall 2011.

Calling it now.

fox023168d ago

I agree, they'll be a new X360 in 2012 and an announcement at E3 2011. If not why would they be bringing all thier big guns before June, fall 2011?

catguykyou3168d ago

Never thought about it but they could be announcing all the headliner games early because they don't want to steal from new console announcements. It is getting to be that time.

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