PlayStation 3 Tops Five Million in Japan

Andriasang: PlayStation 3 has topped the five million mark in domestic sales, reported today citing data from parent company Enterbrain. As of April 11, the last day of Enterbrain's latest weekly tracking period, the system had accumulated 5,001,598 total sales. This total comes around three and a half years after the system's November 11, 2006 launch and a little over two years after Wii crossed the mark. Enterbrain also listed the top selling games for the system.

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xaviertooth2871d ago

GT5 not yet out.

* i wonder if xbox360 can even reach 2M when they are selling 1k to 2k per week in the entire japan nation.

Greywulf2870d ago

Bots cant even find japan on a map.

avengers19782870d ago

No 360 will never hit 2 mil. in Japan, but people in north america are the only ones that count... just ask any bot.

2870d ago
TheColbertinator2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Good work from Sony on this one.They have decent JRPG support,JPN PSN store with plenty of PS1 classics and Japanese focused advertising.

LordMarius2870d ago

are you like banned from the Gamer Zone?
your comments seem so out of place here.

TheColbertinator2870d ago

No I like posting in the open zone because I am a biased troll.

sikbeta2870d ago

Well Done Sony, keep up with the Great Work and everyone will see How Everything repeat itself like last Gen and the Generation before...

2870d ago
darthv722870d ago

This will get me disagrees but, this is no surprise for sony. The brand carries plenty of loyalty. It may lag a bit behind previous playstation systems but it will get there. Move may be the golden ticket to "move" them ahead of nintendo. They will do with move what nintendo has not been able to do with the wii. Support both casual AND core gamers alike.

I am actually more impressed at the 360 passing 1 million in japan than the ps3 passing 5. Not hating just seeing it for what it be expected.

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