5 Things the Gears of War 3 Teaser Tells Us

GamerZines: Teaser trailers are usually just an excuse for publishers to show the game's logo, but last night's footage of Gears of War 3 shown on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' actually revealed quite a lot.

Here's a selection of what we saw and what it could mean, a word of warning though this contains a few spoilers.

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Nelson M2991d ago

It's the same old Crap as the last 2
And that Dom has been on the Bottle since Maria's death hence the Scruffy Looking Bum Haircut on that Unshaven Melon head of his
Plus Cole looks like Friar Tuck and Braid, Bird or whatever his name is Looks as Gay as Ever(i mean were does he get them Highlights done in the war torn land he so Gayly Dwells)
And its also Offical that Anya is a Lesbo
Gears of Gray 3 Confirmed
Thy Silly Little BoTs

avengers19782991d ago

I know one thing for sure- well 2- that was not game play footage, so I wouldn't get to excited(april 2011) and Cliffy B didn't not say anything about Natal(and I know you bots think Gears will be compat with Natal, but it Won't)

GenerationWinner2991d ago

they even beat us 360 owners for commenting on 360 news. Now that says sumtin awwww....anyway dont forget my page on ebay. Still selling tissues for the droids. Selling like mad since today anyone know why fony tissues are selling like mad???

TheBand1t2991d ago

Your avatar pic is wrong, btw. Should be a Wii.

Corrwin2991d ago

- Guns
- Quarterbacks
- Locusts
- Cthulhu
- Grey

Holly crap! Just like the previous games!

Can we save the "journalism" for when we actually know something about the damned game?

Corrwin2991d ago

Oh, sorry. For those who disagree, maybe you'd like to read the bible whilst you're in the mood for imaginary things?

GameOn2991d ago

I disagree (although I can't be arsed to hit the button). This teaser clearly does tell us a few things that people may have not expected.

1. Female Gears
2. New looks for the original characters.

Yes, only 2 things but they were not expected unlike new weapons (possibly what killed those civilians) and new beasties (we already knew about the tentacle fiend).

Reibooi2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

5 things it tells us.

*The game is still Grey and the engine still aging horribly.

*New disposable characters that will not survive more then a hour after they are introduced.(and GASP some of them are female)

*New weapons that are more then likely overpowered(Double Barrel Shotgun for example)

*New enemies that violate the cover system that made the game great in the first place.

*Dom looks grizzled and old because of what happened in the 2nd game(cause letting a beard grow when you are depressed is so original)

Cenobia2991d ago

wtf? Where did that come from? You get in a hissy fit about your disagrees so you attack religion? That makes no sense.

And you didn't even spell holy right.

huzzaahh2990d ago

@ Corrwin's second comment

Zing! Ahaha, me like.

Corrwin2990d ago

Yeah I don't know how I made the connection between the imaginary and religion.

But I'm sorry for the spelling, it's my fault, and I'll go fall on my sword ;)

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tudors2991d ago

I can't take you seriously, you said it looks like a PS2 game in another thread so you are clearly a bitter troll.

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