NowGamer: Monster Hunter Tri Review

NG: The Wii is something of an oddity. Where many hardcore games have been celebrated by critics and players alike, poor commercial performances have forced some of the big names of development to reconsider their approach to the platform. And while Nintendo's console continues to perform exceedingly well, it's now targetting an entirely different demographic to any other games machine in history...

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Myst3172d ago

Whoo! About time that a review popped up (not interested for the score itself, but just more so interested in hearing what the reviewer had to say instead). So far I thought it was a bit of an interesting write up, can't wait to wrap my hands around the classic controller pro and test this game out.

Just 7 more days!

Titanz3171d ago

Good review, no complaints.

Feckles3171d ago

Good review, but will Monster Hunter ever find a market in the west?

Myst3171d ago

Personally I think so, I mean the modes are there but scarcity of commercials in the past and only traveling by word of mouth led to lack of poor sales. For example in the gaming room over on my college campus a friend and I were taking down the Lao Shun Lung (Sp?) someone came up and asked us what game it was. So while fighting the Lao we explained the basic concept of the game and then told him some of the features we liked and some things that could be changed. Apparently they had never heard of it, granted this was back with Freedom 2 (Unite had not come across the seas yet) So I want to say about two years ago?

Anyway now that I saw a few commercials and pre-orders sailing high I would say Tri itself will be fine. Later iterations should be fine just as well, Monster Hunter Frontier on 360 will be good, especially since a lot of people probably don't want to get the Wii for Tri. Rather try and find other games on said console to justify their purchase ( Went through the same thing before getting the 360 ).

So yes I'd say Monster Hunter has it's place, Tri itself may not show the sales that in my opinion deserves (maybe I'll be wrong I usually am lol), but yes Capcom just needs to think of the consumer base the most and what their core audience plays on. It'd be nice to have something on all three systems or at least a Monster Hunter Frontier on PS3 as well. Or perhaps an updated gem with the Monster Hunter name on both the 360 and PS3, similar to Monster Hunter Frontier BUT updated graphics.

Capcom knows what most gamers want and cry for, but will they listen who knows...If they do they can capture the West easily especially since their is almost no other game like it.