Msxbox - Splinter Cell Conviction review (no spoilers)

Msxbox-World reviews the latest game in the Splinter Cell series, is the new direction for the better?

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Natsu X FairyTail3169d ago

Nice score. I'm hyped for this game I'm getting it 2mowrow.

3169d ago
Tompkins3169d ago

Is back on track. Hurrah.

knight6263169d ago

great game but i expected more for a game that took long to make...but like the way ubi when with this game

Tompkins3169d ago

There's like the story mode, a co-op campaign which uses new levels, Denied Ops for solo and co-op, and Face- Off mode. That's quite a bit of content.

I think the only thing that Ubisoft should have done was somehow made the co-op solo playable as well, this would then have silenced those complaining of a short SP.

SDF Repellent3169d ago

Noticed all the great reviews for this game are taking so long to get approval and the bad ones like the one from JVC France, or whatever they are called, have like 80 plus posts and on the front page. You gotta love N4G.

Mo0eY3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Flop - any Xbox fansite would've given it a 10/10. Since no 10s, it sits about a 8.0. I'll pirate it whenever a cracked version comes out. I'll probably play through it one day when I have 3 hours of free time.

Edit: I didn't mean for metacritic. I meant since this is a fanboy site, and they gave it a 9.5, it translates to an 8.0 roughly on the scale of normalcy. If this game had even 10 hours of gameplay, I would've bought it. Oh well, more money for a future PS3 title.

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