Gamer Limit Review: Red Steel 2

Gamer Limit writes "Without multiplayer, the game loses a lot of its replay value. "

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Fullish2965d ago

8.0? how many reviewers actually played the game? The controls are horrid, cracking the safes is insanely tedious.

DangerCurtis2965d ago

While subtle improvements have been made, the game's controls are still hard as F*** to maneuver.

thedoctor2965d ago

Pfft. Man up, Fullish. The sheer level of badassery more than makes up for a few flaws in the game.

Yuenanimous2964d ago

I guess I better check this game out eh?

2964d ago
asdr3wsfas2964d ago

What part of the controls didn't you like? I thought they were perfect.

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themizarkshow2965d ago

I can't help but be interested in this game... it definitely can't be worse than the original.

syvergy2965d ago

Would have been so much better with multi.

JQ2964d ago

Who needs multiplayer when you can just fight the controls?

asdr3wsfas2964d ago

Until this is a legitimate criticism of GOW, Heavenly Sword, or Dynasty Warriors it doesn't apply here. Brawlers aren't multiplayer and this is a first person brawler.