Dead Space 2 to be just as scary and gruesome as the first

Rely on Horror writes: "In a recent interview we had with Dead Space 2 producer Steve Papoutsis he explains how Dead Space 2 will go "up the action" while keeping the same scary and grueosome experience the original Dead Space was able to deliver."

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dangert122871d ago

i heard some where it was going to be more actionn type but this will settle me down and make me go out and cop it

WildArmed2871d ago

Very good news.
I hope this franchise picks up.
The first game was phenomenal.

Btw, I hope we can get a separate online co-op mode.. because I'mma big die hard fan of co-op >.<

dangert122871d ago

co-op would be funny
i think halo is crap on itself the campagin but on co-op its way more fun

and gears i'm not really a gears fan but i overly enjoyed the game on co-op horde and capaign co-op

Hellsvacancy2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

So wot was the thing wid them sayin Dead Space 2 will play more like Modern Warfare? more action-packed rather then survival horror, i cant find the article, it really put me off DS2

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JsonHenry2871d ago

I really liked the first game, but there was NOTHING scary about the game.

BYE2871d ago


Which game IS scary to you?

fedex6822871d ago

It was so scary I couldnt sit through and play for more than half an hour at a stretch. I know I know I am a wuss :-(

JsonHenry2871d ago

Which game? Really, Silent Hill series is the only true creepy games I have played since RE3. (and the Penumbra series) I guess no game is "scary" but creepy and off putting are the closest things a video game (or movie) can really portray I guess.

The problem with Dead Space is your guy is a walking tank. Hard to be scared when your character can kill anything coming at him with ease. Anyway, every has different taste. I just didn't think Dead Space was scary at all. Not even in the farthest stretch of the word.

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ClownBelt2871d ago

This is it biatches! Can't wait for this awesome title.

ger1012871d ago


I loved the first game and am definitely going to pick this up when it comes out!

Has anyone see the train gameplay?

Darkfiber2871d ago

So it's not going to be scary at all and it's just going to be full of the same cheap shock tactics like the same monster jumping out at you 50000 times, and bodies laying on the ground that are obviously going to jump up at you when you walk near them? Great...

That game was way too predictable. They need to put more psychological scares in rather than just "OOO ANOTHER MONSTER JUMPING AT YOU, AHH SO SCARY!"

tigertron2871d ago

Did we both play the same Dead Space? the Dead Space I played was scary.

Blaster_Master2871d ago

Indeed, it was really scary, and it was gorgeous. Cant say that about most games, let alone third party titles. I didn't get part 1 day one, but Visceral games got my money day one when it comes to this title.

LostDjinn2871d ago

It was intense playing on hard. Given the end of the last game, Visceral has an almost clean slate (if they choose) for a new lead character. That said, I hope they don't go too crazy. Playing "Dead Space: Marine" isn't going to go over well with me.

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The story is too old to be commented.