Phantom Gets $1.3 Million In Lapboard Loan

Following the announcement that original company founder Tim Roberts had officially left the company, Phantom Entertainment has announced a new $1.3 million funding agreement to help launch its wireless lapboard product, while no updates on the company's software service can be found.

The $1.3 million loan came from European Investors Linley Management S.A., which the company will use to help manufacture, market, and distribution the Phantom Wireless Lapboard and Phantom Wireless Mouse in the U.S. Europe and Asia.

The dual products supplied by the company formerly known as Infinium Labs, which are targeted at least partially at gamers, are a combination wireless keyboard, laser mouse and hard surface for PCs that were first announced by the company at the end of 2005.

Officials from Phantom Entertainment announced in November that Alienware had ordered the Phantom Wireless Lapboard and Phantom Wireless Laser Mouse for their Media Center gaming PCs and PC gear product line.

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The KEN KUTARAGI3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

That PS3 sales story got pulled !!!!!!!!!!
"PS3 sold out nationwide?"
Nope... garbage story with nothing to back it up...
I'm tired of these f*cking articles with the coy little "?" after the title... YOu can basically say WHATEVER you want, as long as you follow it with a "?"... Lame

Anyhow, the story got yanked because it was rubbish!

ShiftyLookingCow3902d ago

This is the best deal ever: Fantom Lapboard with Hour of Victory

etownone3902d ago

i tried the laptop last year at some convention in NYC... it's nice, and it's wireless, but after a while your confined to having your arms/hands too close together which can be uncomfortable after a while.

but it is cool :)