Seventeen new PGR4 screenshots shows new motorcycles

Bizarre Creations shows off some new screenshots for Project Gotham Racing 4 which shows the new motorcycles in action. Click the link below to check out all of the screenshots.

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EDF 20174027d ago

GRan Turismo what? This blows every racing game out of the water as far as visuals are concerned.

xbotsRidiots4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

silly xbot, gran know the game that is considered to be THE best racing sim out there, the game that is always amazing people for each of its releases....that gran turismo....silly xbots how you forget so soon. tisk tisk threatened by the 360 lol sure buddy. i just like to see what idiot answers to my posts, and you are the first so congrads. LOL

Crazyglues4027d ago

It's like they went to work on this the minute PGR3 was released, because this game looks amazing, I mean simply Amazing.

If your a PGR3 fan which I am this is a must have for the system, I will be picking this up at launch, without question.

Wow.. talk about really working hard to step up the bar. I love PGR3 it was a love hate relation ship, because at first it was just ok. but since it was the only game out for the system that showed next gen at the time.

I ended up playing it a lot more then I would have, and then I really got to appreciate just how good a game it is. I got hooked right away on winning races so I could get more money so I could put some really expensive cars in my Garage. (And Loved ever minute of it, if only in real life you could get expensive cars so easy... LoL)

I wonder if they tweaked this one to use the Xbox Racing Wheel? That would be sweet.

Check out the Picture I attached.. ( I saw that and I almost wet my pants) ..LoL -Just Simply Amazing.

gapzi11a4027d ago

Feeling a little threatened by the big bad Xbox360 and it's pretty PGR4? While Forza 2 is, IMO, the best console racing sim, this looks to be the best looking. Can't wait!

ben hates you4027d ago

i didn't know GT was a sim, i thought it was arcade like pgr

InMyOpinion4027d ago

Compared to Forza, Gran Turismo is as arcade as it gets.

i Shank u4027d ago

PGR4 is a graphics whore's dream. wowzers, just, wowzers. the weather effects are insane, honestly, i drooled a lil; this makes forza 2 look like a butt plug lol

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Extra Guy4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

Dang i was about to post this, those screens and info were delicious.

SuperSaiyan44027d ago

There is no game like this on the Playstation and its games like this with the PGR franchise that can help sales as there are loads of die hard racing fans out there.

PGR3 was not all that but 4 is looking to really hit hard! Now with motorbikes? Oh boy! I really liked Moto GP but was useless at that game! No matter how hard I tried I could not play it. Here is hoping PGR4 blends in total arcade fun with bikes.

xbox360elitegamer4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

Hell yeah, for the Xbox 360 exclusive GTR4, only a Xbox 360 game. I have the hole collection. I love the new screens, they look so cool and real. Now with the motorcycles the game will be even more popular. This one reason to have a 360 to play GTR4. Can't wait to play!

tonsoffun4027d ago

And I assume you have the WHOLE collection?

Sorry bud, couldn't resist.

This games looks great, but I am seriously impressed by the backgrounds - they look briliant.

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The story is too old to be commented.