Boob Jiggling, Locust Killing Action (Gears 3 Adds Females To The Fold)

Ironstar Movement writes: "In tonight's episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Ciffly B of Epic Games debuted the Gears Of War 3 "Ashes To Ashes" Trailer during his interview. Within this trailer, we got to see that Gears Of War 3 has a few new elements being added to the mix. The most notable one being the addition of what appears to be female COG soldier to the series."

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PshycoNinja3171d ago

Indeed. Great looking trailer, but I very much disliked the 2nd game.

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Sexius Maximus3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Who the hell is "Ciffly B?"...if you're a journalist, please edit and check your work.

LinuxGuru3171d ago

@ above

I'm going to school for journalism soon...that kinda stuff is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

Dsnyder3171d ago

Judging from the title, it would seem that good writing and innovation are taking a back seat.

YoungKiller253171d ago

its going to be funny as hell when you blow her head off in multiplayer

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ClownBelt3171d ago

I thought that was a metrosexual.

Foxgod3171d ago

No more square enix games for you.
It seems you cant even tell the difference between man and woman anymore thanks to square enix.

LordMarius3171d ago

maybe it is, could be a transvesti
wait till E3

CountDracula3171d ago

Too bad they are probably fake.

LinuxGuru3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Fake boobs don't jiggle...or they don't jiggle that much or in the right

You're Austin're supposed to know this.

CountDracula3171d ago

You have to remember that i lost my mojo a couple of movies ago. Yeah, sure i got it back in the end but it never felt the same again...

playstation_clan3171d ago

might be worth buying gears 3 for this :)

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