Natal Might Make You Look Silly, But Don't Be Embrarassed

Project Natal looks like loads of fun, entertainment, and an overall good time; the ease of use it appears to have is also great, but with great ease of use, comes great possibility... Possibility of looking silly.

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kaveti66163144d ago

Hey, what you do in the comfort of your own home is nobody's business. The argument that playing around with Natal makes you look stupid is clearly a logical teaser. What if I said that playing with the PS Move wands makes you look like a dildo-lover? Who cares what other people say to make you think twice about playing something that interests you? These so-called hardcore gamers want to criticize anything that doesn't fall under their category of hardcore games. I say, if it's fun, play it. And hey, you burn more calories jumping around than you do sitting on your ass.

NSG3144d ago

I agree with you on the fact that it looks fun and if it is fun play it. Silly != stupid. I say go ahead and be confident in yourself and throw your body left and right. DO IT! It just might LOOK silly is all :p

Definitely is a good thing for getting people active :)

monkpunk13144d ago

definatly a good thing for getting people active you say?

Well there is a world outside and i'm sure that you can get a friend to launch red balls at you outside that means that you would have more room to move around as well. In fact get your friend to throw bricks at you instead that has the element of danger too and if one does hit you you can experience pain as well! How much more interactive do you want?

When i play games i would far rather sit on my ass and not flail like a fool.

dangert123143d ago

if it's fun im playing it f*ck how things look cause there alot more to things then there look.
don't judge a book by its cover.

-Alpha3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Exactly. Natal is all about body movement and utilizing your body. I do think it looks silly, but so is dancing, and look how that turned out for human cultures.

I just don't know if I can bother using my body to play hardcore games like FPSs.

I think that if MS were smart enough they would add a Wand or a remote control for some sort of controller/motion hybrid, but it seems to go against their philosophy to make Natal control-free.

I think Natal will be a wonderful experience and it certainly looks promising. I just don't want to be the only one at a party playing it, but it looks fun when people play together.

In the same way, nobody would go to a party and be the only one dancing, but get some friends together and it suddenly becomes fun.

My main concern with Natal is incorporating hardcore games and I'm most pleased with the fact that Natal can push AI to new limits by infusing communication between player and game.

Corepred43143d ago

any motion control can make a person look silly. but if they know your playing a video game thats usually where the focus is, not on the player. Unless the player doing something extremely dumb. And whats with all the people saying PS Move look like dildos? I've looked at the controllers and don't see it. I think the people who say it looks like a dildo just have dirty minds, and probably see dildos everywhere in the first place.

Army_of_Darkness3143d ago

dancing is a form of art with various styles. it does not look nowhere near as "silly" as natal... unless a person with no dancing skills attempts to make a hiphop or salsa dance video, then they will just look retarted...

feelintheflow3143d ago

I play plenty of Wii games that I don't do that with, some times its subtle movements, sometimes its no movements. I imagine there will be plenty of wii sports like titles where you will move around just as I am sure there will be plenty of games where it is subtle gestures. The whole point of motion controls is motion. Do people think you wont be throwing your arms around in games for the Move? People are haters, sony fanboys hate anything Microsoft, and Xbox 360 fanboys hate all things Sony. Logical people like Alpha get hammered on this site while punk trolls like Morganfell are honored for being the fangirl that his is.

Microsoft Xbox 3603143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Natal is useless for hardcore gamers.

nycredude3143d ago

Where is all the content they are talking about. Is there a demo out yet? I haven't seen anything of Natal to form a an opinion that it will be fun. It seems to me that there is NOTHING but hype surrounding Natal.

King_of _the_Casuals3143d ago

Is for it to be FUN!!! I can already picture all the whacky drunk parties I'm gonna have with this NATAL taking center stage. AWESOME!!!

-Alpha3143d ago

I'm pretty much talking about "retarded" dancing.

Actually, dancing itself isn't natural, but you get the point I hope: the point is that you never want to be the one guy doing silly stuff.

Cenobia3143d ago

People think that because that is how MS is marketing the device.

I honestly don't see an implementation for the 360 controller + Natal. I assume most people sit while they play, which means you only have your feet and one arm to use. What would you do? Throw a grenade? Why not use a button instead?

They could use head tracking and stuff like that, but I haven't seen anything that shows Natal to be that accurate. If you consider all of the different variables involved in using it at home, from camera lens cleanliness to distance from the TV/camera, I find it hard to believe it can even be that accurate. Hopefully they prove me wrong, but even then I only see casual applications.

Personally, I had trouble enough trying to get Eye of Judgment to work with the PS3 eye. I won't believe any of Natal's hype until a core game is played by thousands of people in thousands of different conditions with 0 problems.

Shadow Flare3143d ago

yeah, there MIGHT be a chance you'll look stupid using natal

Biggest3143d ago

If dancing isn't natural, what is supposed to happen when you get excited by music? Rigid standing?

Chubear3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Oh thanks a bunch for that. I've not laughed so hard in a long while. Now THAT'S crazy fun. I can see that vid flooding gaming forums when Natal is shown at E3 this year.

RedPawn3143d ago

That old lady Fuked some $hit up, damn.

DaTruth3143d ago

Let me guess now. The same people who don't want to look silly in 3D glasses, are now down to get a little silly!

Games4M - Rob3142d ago

Dancing is completely natural and has evolved from mating rituals seen in most animal species.

Hence the reason competent dancing is seen as sexually attractive and flailing is seen is repulsive or a ridiculous in a potential mate.

Christopher3142d ago

Actually, Alpha is correct. While it may seem that dancing is a natural, in other words innate, action it isn't. Babies bouncing around are not dancing, but attempting to emote movement seen by others. But, after a child is grown and knows to move, dancing is not something they do naturally.

Your comments on the sexuality of dancing have come about from the focus on sexual elements during dancing. I highly doubt someone doing a formal waltz at a wedding is going to appear as attractive as the couple doing a fairly choreographed tango. What makes dancing appealing to the opposite sex is the focus on certain body parts and how you move to emphasize them in addition to what you wear. General appearances don't hurt. But dancing itself is not a sexually arousing act, it requires other parts and specific focus. Tribes who use dance for mating rituals didn't do that because it came natural to them, they did it as a reflection of other animals, which speaks even louder to how it is a learned behavior and not natural.

Dancing is as natural and sexual in nature as how a person walks and dresses normally. A guy who has poor pasture and dresses like a bum isn't going to result in any sexual arousal the way a guy who has good posture and is well dressed. Two of the elements that are why some women like men in uniform.

Pocketaces1113142d ago

What I care about is this looks just as gimmicky as wii did and will have just as much of the re playable value as it did. NONE. In my opinion. This has nothing to do with hardcore or not. I have lots of friends we are all 30ish some hard core some casual and we all got the wii on a whim because we had fun one night together playing it and we all have not played it much since. To me Natal is no different. You need the camera and buttons and accuracy only one new system seems to have that but I will wait and see what they both have when they come out and make a final decision... Until then happy speculating. I especially like a company that uses actors models etc. to sell their product because that really makes me want to buy it. Keep going Microsoft you da bomb... ya right

jamesgtaiv3142d ago

You have already lost. Dont try to sell something if you have doubts about what youre selling. Having to reassure the consumer that its ok to look like a moron with your product is a sure sign of failure.

GiantEnemyCrab3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Spot on Kaveti. As if many people don't look silly already just playing with a standard controller.. People make faces, twist their body and make all kinds of silly looking faces when playing games.

Motion hasn't stopped millions of people from jumping and waggling with Nintendo this gen. Or looking silly with their plastic guitars and microphones.

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Marty83703144d ago

As are LAGTAL games. Don't forget your Orange 'COVERALLS' bots.

That 'Kung Fu; game looks appalling, lagfest.

Jump Out, Play B3yond


ChrisW3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

I bet you only own a Wii...

BTW, I gave you an "agree."

ChrisW3142d ago

And... you and your 3 other troll accounts gave me disagrees.

LOL~!~! You wish you owned a Wii!!!

avengers19783142d ago

It all starts when you go to a store to wait in line for one of them, and it just gets worse after actually buying one.
By the time you get it home and hooked up the worst part is over, people saw you buy it-- now that you have it home look like a spaz all you want.

LordMarius3143d ago

or you can just go play outside

kaveti66163143d ago

Good idea. Go sell your PS3 and go play outside. Playing outside is also a better alternative to playing ANY game on ANY console.

Quadrix3143d ago

So apparently you can now tell people what emotions to not have, and somehow that'll work. Nice...

Christopher3143d ago

Gotta love the 'news' that gets on the front page fast here. Repost of videos we've seen a lot already from the last year and a sentence about not looking silly? News!

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