Square Enix's Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Figure Up Close And Personal

In addition to the Front Mission parts in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Square Enix and Konami are working on Peace Walker Play Arts.

This figure of Snake wearing a sneaking suit is part of Square Enix's Play Arts –Kai- brand. You can get it this summer for $44.99. Before this collaboration, Square Enix and Capcom teamed up to make Resident Evil 5 figures and made Bayonetta Play Arts for Sega.

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Greysturm3167d ago

I dont think any other developer has this pull on the industry. Everybody wants a piece of MGS.

tplarkin73167d ago

I can't believe that the media and Sony fans are so utterly blind to Kojima's blatant gay innuendo.

Greysturm3167d ago

A gag on homophobes and a critic to society. Its really funny that the people that use it as amunnition against him miss the point completely.

fossilfern3167d ago

Please dear god bring this to the UK!!!!!!!!!!!!! forbidden planet have nothing on their site for pre order :( can anyone confirm a UK release ?