Insomniac: " We Have Great Projects In Development " See You At E3

Insomniac is prepared and ready to shock us once again and this time
it's not just Resistance or Ratchet but something else.

E3 this year has just got hotter with this little small announcement
because this year will have a ton of heavy hitters and by Insomniac
being apart of our gaming needs. It seems that Ted Price will be ready
soon to take center stage and blow us away with what they are going to

Check Out The Vidicle With James Stevenson

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LordMarius3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

I wouldnt expect them to say otherwise towards there own projects


drdistracto7073170d ago

can... not... wait

why doesnt sony just aquire them already, they got MM, all they need is Insomniac and 2K and they win, by a mile!

fedex6823170d ago

I hope Insomniac brings the older awesome Ratchet games on to the PS3. That will be awesome! I would buy it day 1

I can hope right?

cayal3170d ago

"why doesnt sony just aquire them already"

Insomniac want to stay independant.

ThatArtGuy3170d ago

Sounds like a testicular camera.

kissmeimgreek3170d ago

Theyre probably afraid that if theyre acquired they'll only be churning out Ratchet and Clank and Resistance from then on.

Its not like it matters since so far theyve developed exclusively for PS3.

BTW didnt HHG say a while back theyd develop a 360 exclusive or some BS?

blusoops3170d ago

I don't care if you love 'im or hate 'im, that was a great interview. Full of excitement and great questions too. Can't wait to see what insomniac has up their sleeves...and i am definitely waiting for Resistance 3!!!!

lil Titan3170d ago

What do you get when you have a developer that...well in short i think they are going to merge the RFOM with Ratchet and Clack to make a TPS for next year unless they are going to make something ground breaking like Heavy Rain

Nishka Fa Fa La Boo3170d ago

I don't care if people say they milk the series, but I can always play more ratchet and clank games, they are very addicting just collecting the bolts and screws lol. I wouldnt mind another one :D

Redrum0593170d ago

Yes, I can't wait for the heavy hitters this E3.

mikeslemonade3170d ago

If it's multiplatform i'm not going to care. Insomniac will make a great mistake if they don't stay exclusive. They are respected as the 1st developer to really harness the PS3. They are one of the top developers right now. They won't be highly regarded if they make shovelware.

TOO PAWNED3170d ago

Stevenson was like, get me the F out of here

silvacrest3170d ago

what ever you think of HHG he gets results and frankly, i doubt you or anyone here could get the interviews he does

ViciousBoston3170d ago

to be fair, he didn't get anything substantial out of it. Just copy/paste anwsers we get from everyone. If he got a world exclusive game debut then hey, thats something. Hes getting stuff we already know.

Commander TK3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

asked him if Insomniac would ever release a trophy patch for Tools of Destruction or RFOM

cayal3170d ago

"asked him if Insomniac would ever release a trophy patch for Tools of Destruction or RFOM "

They've addressed this ages ago, they're not doing it.

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Simon_Brezhnev3170d ago

I do wonder what Insomniac working on though.

cmrbe3170d ago

i think there will be a 50-50 chance of going multi.

I think I.G will not announce 2 big games at the same time coming out within a year of each other on 1 console. That's my argument for it to going multi.

On the other side though.
I.G i think have wraped up RC for this gen at least. This 2nd new IP might be the replacement to RC.

Also i am not sure how I.G would go multi with this new IP considering how long they have worked with the PS and their good working realationship with Sony.

Next gen perhaps?. I am not sure. Either way i think between the two. Resistance will be the main franchise similar to EPIC with bullet storm and Gears.

Regardless of weather they go multi or not i will always buy I.G games as they will always be quality.

cayal3170d ago

"I think I.G will not announce 2 big games at the same time coming out within a year of each other on 1 console. That's my argument for it to going multi"

So they'd release one on one console and one on both. It's still releasing two games on one console.

And they've done it all this gen. One game per year.

cmrbe3170d ago

Two big games, 1 multi and the other exclusive within a year will be alright like is the case with EPIC right now with Gears 3 and the newly announced bulltestorm. Both games have been announced within a week and i am sure both will be within in a year of release from each other. Epic will focus more on Gears 3 though the same with I.G with R3 if indeed they are going this route.

Regardless of weather they go multi or not. I.G have done alot for PS fans over the years. Sony and PS fans owes alot to I.G especially early on this gen. I haven't played a I.G game yet since the PS1 that is not quality.

If I.G goes multi, PS fans should respect that. Thats the least they owe I.G

Ravage273170d ago

Well said, IG has done a LOT for us this gen and i really think they deserve our respect even if they decide to go multiplat for their next IP.

cayal3170d ago

Insomniac won't be multi-platform. They've addressed this and said they were done with the rumour.

mastiffchild3170d ago

I agree. I heard they would go multiplat NEXT gen but not this as they aren't prepared for it right now and invested a lot in their exclusives for Sony and ripping up their blueprint while getting a new studio up and running wouldn't be practical. Seriously, I doubt a multi plat game from them in the next set of games they make.

R3 is a given for E3, imo, even if we won't see it til 2011 as they will want to finish the trilogy and it's totally set up-and they want to allay all the fears about where R2 took us all away from the weapon wheel and narrator-they had so much feedback over that that I can't see R3 not having a few features missing from number 2 back in there as well as all the new stuff.

As for their other game, or games, one will be being done at NC and we've heard all the rumours from them making a Zelda inspired game to making a PS3 answer to Fable-we just have to wait but the rate they work at and with extra studio in place there could be a lot to show!

I like Insom but feel they have had to rush their Resistance games this gen(one for launch and one to accommodate KZ2)and really want to see what they can do with time to perfect something-maybe having the extra studio will allow this, who knows? Honestly, though, I thought they'd made it pretty clear that there wouldn't be any multiplatform games this generation from them.

tinybigman3170d ago

one exclusive, one multiplat i wouldnt care at all. i love IG and i would support them no matter WHAT!!!!!

R3 will rock, and im sure whatever the new game is will rock as well.

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jack_burt0n3170d ago

i dont really care, insomniac = instant buy.

Sevir043170d ago

I'm just giddy giddy giddy at how far their enhancements to the nocturnal engine, it's in it's 6ths gen right now. Ted told me that they have major surprises for e3 this year, and i'm stoked. what i saw october is sure to look godly, and the last i heard a few of their buds from ND has been hired for outsourcing so they can get some amazing texture work going for the engine. ^^

these guys are sooo humble and they make excellent games, which is why i will continue to support them. And for the record, multiplatform development is interesting to them, but Ted has said time and time again that this generation they will stay exclusive, because they dont have the resources or the infrastructure to do it. so plus i'm pretty sure Sony will have first dibs on anything they are working on anyway.

But yes, this e3 will be big for them. i'm pretty sure their NC studio has been busy since early 2008 and the burbank studio has been slaving away since ratchet acit was in mid development. it's time to show us... well the rest of us what you have been working on.

BTW where is my friend the chimera that's on this forum?

Skyreno3170d ago

great interview ...>> now i wonder what games will they announced ... i get feeling will be resistance 3 and another game will be Multiplatform

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