Silent Hill 5 at E3 ?

Konami could be set to reveal Silent Hill 5 at E3, according to a list published by the website Game Informer.

According to the list, Konami will be showing the game on both 360 and PS3, which if true should be good news for survival horror fans – although the list is slightly at odds with what Konami has previously confirmed will be on show at its booth, with the only next-gen games of note confirmed being Dancing Stage on the 360 and Bomberman Land, an unnamed indoor sports game and Fishing Master for the Wii.

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Blankman3999d ago

this is another game that could be making the leap to ps3 exclusive. so its either this heavy rain or haze. personally i still think its heavy rain but that would be a lame announcement because pretty much everyone already knew that like last week

Dudeson423999d ago

Man, I would love to hear some details on this baby.

ShiftyLookingCow3999d ago

maybe this is the mystery PS3 exclusive, there was already talk of it becoming exclusive

boi3999d ago

lol man i can't play Silent hill...but i can play Res Evil for sum reason but when it comes to Silent Hill its goddamn scary lol

yea had the last 1 on pc play like the 1st part didnt went far and i had to stop playin it

Frulond3999d ago

Fatal Frame freaks me even more <.<;;
Let's just say I can still play silent hill games at night (how I like it) but Fatal Frame... no way

ArduousAndy3999d ago

since the article clearly states that Silent Hill 5 will be shown on PS3 and Xbox 360

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The story is too old to be commented.